10 Everyday accessories that stopped bullets – listverse natural ways to cure heartburn

Money—something we need and want to keep protected. If you have cash, credit cards, debit cards, or even identification cards, a wallet is a great way to store currency and identification on your person. A wallet may keep your belongings safe, but it might keep you safe as well.

Brian Harris, a resident of Edgewood in Washington, DC, was home and outside drinking coffee around 8:30 PM on November 1, 2015. After a bit, Harris felt what seemed to be a punch to the stomach. Since no one was around, that couldn’t have been possible unless Harris had punched himself.

Only moments after he felt the punch-like impact, he heard about four or five gunshots that hit multiple vehicles in the surrounding area. Fearing that he was shot, Harris checked his body and found no blood or injuries. Harris was wearing a hoodie, so he checked inside his pocket, where the impact was felt.

In his pocket was his wallet, which contained various things, such as his work keycard, which ended up stopping a stray bullet. That alone gives us another reason why we should not leave home without our wallets. [3] 7 The Weave That Did More Than Expected

Head wounds caused by gunshots are often fatal. Luckily, Hammontree had her weave in, which may have contributed to her survival. According to her uncle, Randy Berry, “[Doctors] assumed that when the bullet kind of went in, it bounced out because she had the weave in her hair.”

According to NBC Chicago, doctors have not confirmed that the weave is why the bullet was repelled, however it is hard to not assume it played a major a role in preventing further injury. [4] Hammontree still had to go to the hospital, but she was expected to survive. 6 GoPro Hero

Alwaely had a GoPro attached to his vest, which ended up being his savior. The bullet hit the GoPro head-on, which stopped it from killing Alwaely. The rest of the crew was shocked, but thankfully, nobody walked away with major injuries. [5]

On the night of July 4, Smeraldo had gone with his family to watch the fireworks at Safety Harbor Spa and Marina in Florida. About half an hour into the show, as the grand finale was approaching, Smeraldo decided to tilt his head upward as most of us would to see more of the fireworks. Just moments after he tilted his head, he said that he “felt like [he] was hit with a big rock that smashed [him] in the nose.”

This big rock was actually a falling bullet that went through the bill of his hat, hit his nose and went through his nostril, hit his lip, and finally traveled through his chin. The bullet would have kept going, but after it went through his chin, it hit the silver medallion he was wearing. The medallion was enough to stop the bullet from causing further injury, which could have led to a much more severe situation. [6] 4 This Pocket Lighter Is A Fighter

A 22-year-old man was attempting to escape robbers on Halloween night when they started to fire their weapons. For most of us, that is just a little too scary, even on Halloween. The man was shot in the right leg, where his lighter was located. After he was hit, no other bullets came into contact with his body.

Actually, not even the one touched his body. The lighter deterred the bullet and only left a small bruise on his leg. Detective Lieutenant Raymond Cote of the Nassau County Police even said, “This is the one time smoking is beneficial, because we’re today just talking about a minor injury when it could’ve been much more serious.” [7] 3 It’s A Wedding Ring Thing

Donnie Register is a store owner in Jackson, Mississippi. In 1996, Donnie and his wife, Darlene, opened up a shop named The Antique Market. What started off as two men entering the shop to see a coin collection turned into a very unexpected robbery in 2007.

After Donnie returned with the coin collection they asked for, one of the two men pulled out a gun in search of money. During the commotion, a shot was fired. Donnie reflexively threw his hand up, and the wedding ring on his finger deflected the bullet.

According to Darlene Register, “The bullet managed to go through two of his fingers without severing the bone.” She also stated that “a part of the bullet broke off and is in his middle finger. The other part is in his neck, lodged in the muscle tissue. But it’s not life-threatening.” [8] 2 Dressed Appropriately