15 easy home remedies for coughing in children

It is painful to see our little ones cough continuously. Feeling of fluid in ear Here are some effective home remedies that can help stop coughing. Home remedies for fluid in ear This year my daughter joined a new school and fell sick after a week. Fluid buildup in ear New school, new friends and new bugs – Nothing can be done about this.

Middle ear effusion symptoms The fever subsided after 2 days but the coughing was severe and I had to take the old fashioned route to stop this menace.

Honey is thick and viscous in consistency with anti bacterial properties. Ear pain and headache on left side When consumed, it coats / lubricates the inflamed and irritated mucous membrane. Fluid behind eardrum treatment Take a teaspoon of raw organic honey as soon as cough starts. Ear and throat pain on one side If you do not have a sweet tooth and do not like the taste of honey, try the next remedy. Middle ear effusion treatment 2. Get rid of fluid in ear Ginger and Honey

I can personally attest to the effectiveness of this ginger and honey combination to not only stop coughing but also fight against flu germs. Fluid in ear toddler As soon as I feel that I am going to get sick, I take a spoon of this and I have saved myself from suffering for the next 5 days.

Take half a teaspoon of honey and shred a small piece of ginger. Fluid in ear from allergies To make ginger juice in small quantities, either crush it using mortar and pestle or shred the ginger and squeeze out the juice.

Ginger is an effective cough suppressant and adding it while boiling tea helps to dilate the nasal passages. Ear and tooth pain You can also boil a piece of ginger in water and when the syrup has cooled down, you can drink it. Left ear and jaw pain Dilute this ginger water and feed it to little children.

Traditional Indian medicine shops will have dry ginger (/ chukku / sukku / சுக்கு) . Fluid build up around the heart Adding it to tea or coffee is effective in clearing phlegm and arresting cough.

Dry ginger has a longer shelf life than regular ginger and it is easily available in powder form. Fluid on eardrum Chukku coffee powder can be purchased from any spice shop in India.

In Tamil nadu, grocery shops will sell a powder called Rajam sukku coffee. Fluid in ears adults This powder has dry ginger mixed with jaggery and other spices. Cervical mucus in early pregnancy This is a coarse brown powder. Sinus fluid in ear Boil water, add this to the water, stir well till it dissolves, add milk and drink this coffee (no sugar needed as it has jaggery). Inner ear fluid in adults Or you can simply eat a spoon of this powder and it will instantly stop cough. Cervical mucus in early pregnancy pictures It might be spicy for children so I place just a pinch of it on my daughter’s tongue. Leaking clear fluid during pregnancy 4. Water retention early pregnancy Steamed / Boiled garlic

My grandma lived a very long disease free life. Leaking clear fluid early pregnancy My father in law is effectively managing his diabetes by consuming 3 cloves of boiled garlic everyday. Chronic fluid in ear He got diabetes at a very young age and yet is very rash in his food choices. Clear mucus discharge during early pregnancy But he does 2 things right. Clear discharge during early pregnancy He goes to the beach everyday for walking and eats garlic before going to bed every night and has managed to keep his diabetes perfectly well.

Garlic is also good for the overall health and to develop immunity. How to get rid of fluid in ear Children can be made to eat just one clove of garlic and then drink a glass of milk before going to bed. How to get rid of fluid in the ear 5. Fluid trapped in ear Steamed Orange

A friend suggested this remedy when I was coughing non stop and was stuck at home for days. Fluid in eardrum It was effective. Fluid in ear symptoms adults But the taste is an acquired taste so it may not be for everyone but it is very effective.

Then cut the orange like shown below and steam it in a steaming basket after sprinkling half a teaspoon of salt on it. How to get rid of fluid behind the eardrum This step of adding salt is optional and can be avoided for little kids and adults with high blood pressure.

Scoop out the vitamin C rich steamed orange flesh and watch your cough stop like magic. Clear watery discharge early pregnancy sign My friend swore by this and I was skeptical but it was effective when I tried it. How to relieve fluid in ear 6. Dry cervical mucus early pregnancy Salt water gargle

High concentrations of salt drains the congested fluid inside the cells. Fluid behind the eardrum This osmosis helps reduce the swelling and constriction caused by inflamed cells in the upper nasal passages. Ear pain and sore throat Children above 4 years old can be made to gargle warm salt water a few times a day. Cervical mucus early pregnancy 7. Fluid in middle ear symptoms Turmeric, Pepper and Milk

This is standard cough treatment in all Indian homes. Draining fluid in ear Heat a cup of milk, add a pinch of turmeric powder and pepper powder. Fluid in inner ear The milk will be yellow and slightly spicy but this is one of the best medicines for cough.

I love the saying “Food is medicine and medicine is food”. Ear and jaw pain on left side Powder cumin seeds and black pepper in your coffee grinder (for fine powder) or blender (coarse powder) and store in an airtight vessel. Fluid behind eardrum in adults symptoms Make egg omelet and sprinkle a pinch of this on the egg and see cough and cold vanish.

While the body is busy eliminating the bacteria and virus, we can keep the body warm with some warm hearty soup. Remedy for fluid in ear Rasam is Indian soup that is usually sour tasting because of added Tamarind. Fluid in ear remedy Rasam is a digestive aid and bowl of piping hot rasam and a cup of steaming rice is the best comfort food for any south Indian.

If you are taking antibiotics for infection, there is a high probability that your stomach and intestinal lining is inflamed especially in case of little kids. Fluid in your ear A carrot soup that is rich in vitamin A will help heal the cells. Fluid in ears allergies B complex supplements are mandatory if you are taking antibiotics.

If you are a non vegetarian, chicken soup (naatu kolli soup) or mutton bone soup (Aatu kaal soup) can be very effective in controlling cough. Symptoms of fluid in the ear If you can handle spiciness, google for chettinadu recipes. Sinus drainage in ear They are loaded with pepper and can drive out cold and cough in an instant.

Remember the saying “Eat for cold and starve for fever”?. Ear and tooth pain on one side So when you have fever, go for easy to digest vegetarian soups and when the fever is gone by day 2 and you have just cough or running nose, go for non vegetarian soups. Fluid in ears in adults 10. Ear and jaw pain after tooth extraction Rice Kanji / Rice congee

When water is boiling, she adds the rice and when the rice is almost done, the water will be white and she scoops up a glass of that piping hot drink and drinks it when it is hot. Fluid in the ear in adults She gave it to me once when I was suffering from sore throat and it was heaven.

For kids rice kanji is the best food when they are having fever, cold and cough. Fluid in ear symptoms in adults It is easy to digest because it has cumin seeds and garlic and it is also a very filling comfort food.

Rice congee can be made in slow cooker over night. Jaw pain on left side near ear Add about 8 – 10 times the amount of water and you will have perfectly cooked rice porridge in the morning. Symptoms of fluid in ear 11. How to get rid of fluid in inner ear Rest

Kids get sick due to lack of sleep and increased stress because their immunity level goes down. Fluid in ear symptoms Sleeping is a good way to combat coughing. Ear jaw and neck pain on left side Slightly elevate the head using additional pillows if needed and let the sick kid sleep as much as possible. Signs of fluid in ears When the body is at rest, it can focus on eliminating the virus. Relieve fluid in ear To prevent relapse, wash all bedding and towels that were used by the sick child. Fluid behind eardrum adults 12. Fluid in baby ears Steam and humidity

Kids older than 6 years old can be trained to inhale vapor to open the nasal passages. Fluid behind eardrum remedy This also melts the phlegm and drains it from the sinuses. Fluid behind eardrum symptoms You can use a steam inhaler if you have one or you can use the traditional method called aavi pudikirathu in Tamil. Fluid in the ear symptoms This is a grandma’s treatment (/ Paati Vaithiyam) for draining the sinuses.

Boil water in a big vessel and keep it on the floor. Feeling of fluid in ear Floor is preferable for little kids. Home remedies for fluid in ear Teach the child to cover themselves with a bed sheet and bend over and inhale the vapor that comes when a dollop of vicks or few drops of Eucalyptus oil or eucalyptus leaf is added to the water.

Do this only if your child follows instructions and is aware of the risk of scalding if they accidentally or carelessly topple the vessel. Fluid buildup in ear It is better to use a broad and short vessel that will not topple easily.

During steaming, the pores in the face are opened and the face sweats. Middle ear effusion symptoms Wipe it and wash face immediately with warm water failing which, we will catch a cold again. Ear pain and headache on left side 13. Fluid behind eardrum treatment Natural lozenges – Palm sugar candy ( Panam Kalkandu) & Palm jaggery (chillu karupetti)

Palm tree products may not be available in all places but this is very effective for dry persistent cough. Ear and throat pain on one side It is available in traditional Indian medicine shops (Naatu marundhu shops). Middle ear effusion treatment It is brown in color and resembles sugar candy. Get rid of fluid in ear When we were little we used to have a few of them in our school uniform pockets to prevent coughing during class. . Fluid in ear toddler Pop one palm candy (panam kalkandu) in and keep sucking it till it dissolves completely.

Another palm tree product is Palm tree jaggery (chillu karupetti). Fluid in ear from allergies This jaggery is made with dry ginger (sukku) and it is another natural lozenge that is more effective than lozenges we get today in medical shops like halls and vicks. Ear and tooth pain These have no side effects whereas halls makes my leg muscles twitch involuntarily even after I stop eating them till my system gets rid of them.

We usually apply vicks on chest and back. Left ear and jaw pain Apply some on your little one’s feet and then cover the feet with socks and see your kid sleep peacefully without coughing.

If you travel to south east asia, you can buy axe oil from countries like Singapore / Malaysia. Fluid build up around the heart Even that can be applied on the feet. Fluid on eardrum 15. Fluid in ears adults Betel leaves and Black pepper

2 Betel leaves, the ones used in paan and wedding thaamboolam when boiled along with 5 crushed black peppercorns in 3 cups of water till the volume reduces to half is an effective medicine for chest congestion and cough. Cervical mucus in early pregnancy Consume this water with a teaspoon of honey if you find it spicy.