150+ Best monroe piercing ideas, jewelry, pain, cost sores in the corner of the mouth

For those who want to have a fashionable Monroe piercing, the very first thing that needs to be done of course is to search for the finest professional piercer in town. Doing the procedure on your own is a big no. Here is how the piercing procedure goes, and be sure to take note of it:

• First and foremost, it is expected for an experienced, professional piercer to offer you a chair where you can sit comfortably, or you will be told to lie down comfortably. It will now depend on the professional what she or he will ask for you to do. He or she is a professional, after all. There is no need for you to fret.

• Thirdly, you will be provided with a mouthwash, which is effective enough in cleaning the insides of your mouth as well as in killing the germs accumulated inside. To make sure that the purpose is served well, a medically strong kind of mouthwash is recommended, but not to the extent that it can already burn your gums and tongue.

• A longer size version of a piercing jewelry will then be attached through the desired location. It is intentionally made to be a longer piercing jewelry in order to give a space for swelling effects. Anyway, a professional piercer would normally tell you to return when the pierced area is already fully recovered, in which you can have a jewelry change without additional charges.

Of course, pain is a constant company of getting pierced. As for Monroe piercing, you should make yourself 100 percent ready since it can cause too much pain on your part, depending on your level of pain tolerance. Where did this extreme pain come from then? Well, it certainly comes from the fact that the location of a Monroe is packed with systems of nerves. The moment the needle touches your skin, the nerves then transmit the painful sensation towards the brain, making your body recognized that it is very painful. The painful sensation may even become more intense when the superior labial artery is being hit. This is the reason why you should only go for an expert. Furthermore, people having thicker lips may also feel a more intense pain when compared to those who have thinner lips. Not only them, individuals who don’t have more facial muscles can also experience this pain.

The cost for Monroe piercing usually ranges between $25 and $80 in any renowned piercing parlor. You can never have a Monroe piercing in a credible piercing parlor, and leave immediately when the piercing procedure is done. Well, you can actually, but only if the parlor is offering its service for free, or if you are lucky enough to have a friend or a family member who owns a renowned piercing parlor. But most of the time, you have to pay for the excellent service. It is affordable for you, for sure. Even so, this cost of getting a Monroe may be changed into a higher one due to several factors. One factor is the piercing jewelry you choose. If it is expensive enough, then it is expected that you will also pay higher fees all in all. There’s no need to worry though since the most affordable Monroe jewelry is priced around a couple of dollars, while the most expensive one is around a hundred dollar.

Monroe piercing can certainly make you way gorgeous in appearance. Nevertheless, you need to be well-acquainted about it before you even try it. Remember, regrets never come first. Also you can check our articles on different lip piercings such as Labret Piercing, Medusa Piercing, Snake Bites Piercing. 120 Most Popular Monroe Piercing Examples