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He didn’t necessarily say they’d be starting, he just said they’re going to win. Signs of a minor concussion Not even Cook or Savage’s own parents would’ve have predicted that and now, that guy is going to be three games away from seeing that happen because either Cook or Savage is going to win this week and advance to the divisional round.

My pick here is completely based on the fact that I’m not sure the Raiders will be able to muster even 100 yards of offense in this game. Signs of a concussion in adults It’s going to be worse than the time we all sat through

in January 2015.

What are the signs of a concussion Reading the box score from that game is arguably scarier than reading a Stephen King novel. Warning signs concussion I hope the Raiders don’t go full-Lindley, but I feel like it’s going to happen.

If the Texans do win this game, I give them a zero percent chance to win in the divisional round, so please enjoy this game everyone in Houston, and remember, if your team loses, you still get to host the Super Bowl in four weeks. Signs of a head concussion Also, if you’re wondering how the Raiders will score 16 points on 100 yards of offense, I’m banking on at least two ugly interceptions from Savage or Osweiler, or two each from both.

Sorry for that, Lions fans, I feel like I’m rubbing salt in like five different wounds here, and now I feel bad. Symptoms of a minor concussion Next time I’m in Detroit, tacos on me. Signs of having a concussion Also, just so everyone knows, I don’t hate the Lions: I was actually the only CBS Sports writer who picked them to go to the playoffs this season. Signs of a concussion pupils That might have been an accident though, I’m still not sure. Signs of a concussion in babies I think I actually watched “The Lion King” the night before making that pick.

Record picking Seattle games this season: 10-6 (the Seahawks’ tie goes in my loss column because I didn’t pick that game to end in a tie. Signs of concussion in a baby I knew I should’ve picked a tie.)

I don’t know what kind of voodoo they’re doing in Pittsburgh, but whatever it is, it seems to be working. Sign of concussion in toddler For the second year in a row, the Steelers get to open the postseason against a backup quarterback.

. Signs of a concussion in kids Although I mentioned that Derek Carr with a broken fibula would be the best quarterback in the Raiders-Texans game, I don’t feel the same way here. Signs of concussion toddler Starting a gimpy Tannehill over Matt Moore would be like showing up to a gunfight with a box of graham crackers. Symptoms of a concussion in a child Sure, graham crackers are tasty, but they won’t help you win the gunfight.

Having Tannehill limp around for four quarters probably isn’t going to help the Dolphins win this game, especially because the quarterback won’t be the most important player on the field for Miami. Signs of concussion in baby That honor belongs to

, who embarrassed the Steelers in Week 6 with 204 yards in a 30-15 Dolphins win that probably should’ve been 40-10, only it wasn’t because the Dolphins offense sometimes plays like they’re actual dolphins, and they flutter around and do nothing.

By the way, the irony of that first game is that Tannehill was so bad the first five weeks of the season that Dolphins fans actually wanted Moore to start against the Steelers in Week 6.