2018 Fantasy baseball week 5 pitching planner fingers crossed – fantasy six pack exercises to avoid after hip replacement

• I fear that I missed out on Jose Berrios this year after not falling for the inflated ADP in 2018 drafts. However, I then remember that he had stark splits between the first and second halves last year. I’m not telling you to sell high – just keep that in mind before you put too much stock and emotional value in the first month. From what I’ve seen in Berrios’ starts, I don’t see much difference between this year and last so I’m just a little hesitant to fully buy in.

• You know who has been the best pitcher of 2018 so far? Well, I guess that’s sort of opinionated. In my eyes, there is no debate though that Patrick Corbin has been the most dominant hurler to this point. Everything is working for this dude and it’s no small sample when you back it up to midway through the 2017 season.

I’m very comfortable putting him in this tier.

• Boy, is Robbie Ray struggling this year or what? Why am I having deja vu? It’s almost like he’s still got a ~6 BB/9 since last time I wrote about him. How many more chances can I give him to stay in this tier? I love the dude, but sometimes you have to learn to let the ones you love go. Did this just turn into a Nicholas Sparks movie? Ugh, I need some sleep.

• I know that Shohei Ohtani gets mentioned in every article nowadays, but hear me out! Just keep a close watch on him and that mild ankle sprain. That’s all! See, that wasn’t so bad, right? (I am so here for the Ohtani madness. I bought a shirsey and I’m a Braves fan. Don’t at me.)

• Anyone noticing what ol’ Kenta Maeda has been doing this year? He’s basically doing what Alex Wood did in the early going of 2017 without as much fanfare. Another dominant start against the Padres could force my hand and cause me to promote him a tier.

• Okay, let’s get this Tyler Mahle situation out of the way. He’s playing the Marlins at home. Bam, that’s it. WAIT A SECOND: there might actually be something here! Check out his K/BB and xFIP before writing this dude off. What I want you to do is stream him in Week 5 and hold if he performs well. There’s an opportunity for value here.

• Can I just start by saying that I’m not a Jarlin Garcia believer? Oh, I can because it’s my article? Right. Anyway, Jarlin the Marlin is the darlin’ of Miami here in the early going due largely to a 1.00 ERA flat and a couple of almost no-hitters. Left-on-base percentage says ‘nah’ at 99%. FIP and xFIP follow suit. His long-term upside is Ivan Nova with triple the walks. How does that sound? Super meh.

These pitchers are better left on your bench for the week if not the waiver wire. Guys closer to the top could be on the brink of being promoted in the right matchup or with a continued hot streak. If a player is not listed in any tiers, that should be the cue to drop the said player. Player

• Keep an eye on Julio Teheran this weekend as he had a bit of an injury scare in his last start. After velocity readings were consistently down, it was discovered that he had trapezius tightness. Braves manager Brian Snitker didn’t show much concern though and even said that Teheran would likely make his next scheduled start.

• Holy hell, Luis Castillo. The fantasy community needs to learn from this – we get burned on these types of players with small sample sizes every year. Now you’re forced to hold him and hope he turns it around. I’m certainly sitting him in normal-sized leagues against the Brew Crew.

• As a Braves fan, I’m allowed to recklessly speculate on this prospect in this week’s version of Tyler’s Simplistic Scouting Spotlight. My (non-existent) sources tell me that Mike Soroka will get called to take the spot of Anibal Sanchez. At 6’5″, it’s incredible how precise this dude is with all of his pitches. With an incredible feel for all five pitches and a fast tempo, he can manipulate hitters well. All the scouts will say ‘he is not overpowering’, but I see a perceived velocity so much faster than what the radar reads. Temper expectations for the 21-year-old, but I believe he can be a steady streaming option for fantasy staffs in 2018.