3 Foods that scientifically boost your thyroid function – hypothyroidism revolution drugs for hormonal imbalance

Did you know that your diet plays the single most important role in the health and function of your thyroid? Scientific studies have shown that without the right foods properly balanced in your diet, your thyroid function and metabolism can quickly become suppressed, damaged, and dysfunctional.

Think about that! If you’re eating the wrong foods or even the right foods but not properly balanced… that means your thyroid hormone levels will decline while you become more hypothyroid and ruin any chance you have of living a normal healthy life.

That means no matter how much thyroid hormone you supplement or thyroid medication you take, your cells can’t efficiently metabolize or use that thyroid hormone. And if you can’t metabolize thyroid hormone, you’ll always be hypothyroid and always suffer from thyroid symptoms!

We see this every day… just look at all the fatigued people around you.

Did you know that restoring thyroid function is possible regardless of how damaged or dysfunctional your thyroid is? That there are specifics foods and ways to eat them that INCREASE your thyroid hormone levels… and FORCE your cells to metabolize and use more thyroid hormone like your body did when you were younger and healthier?

This is not some crazy theoretical talk. This does not require dangerous supplements or impossible to find food gimmicks. And this works for anyone, male or female at any age and for any thyroid condition. Hypothyroidism, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, goiter, nodules, RAI treatment, thyroidectomy… you name it. The biology is exactly the same.

My years as a health practitioner and researcher have allowed me to peer into the relatively unknown research of the most advanced hormone physiologists. Over the years I have picked up SO many tips, tricks, and strategies that have allowed me to overcome my own hypothyroidism and live the life I’ve always wanted… while helping other hypothyroidism sufferers to do the same.

I’ve taught this System to countless clients over the years, and we always begin with these 3 simple but key foods you must eat in order to boost your thyroid function and eliminate your thyroid symptoms by restoring your body’s ability to produce and metabolize thyroid hormone efficiently.

That said, let me give you fair warning: What you are about to hear may go against a lot of the conventional diet advice you’ve been hearing. That’s because there’s so much misinformation today and it’s spreading like wildfire! Low-calorie diets, low-carb diets, cardio exercise, fish oil supplements, iodine supplements… all of which scientific research continues to show only further sabotage your thyroid health! Here are 3 Thyroid Boosting Foods you absolutely MUST eat if you want to eliminate your thyroid symptoms, reclaim your health, and look and feel like your real self again.

Take a look around. What has that advice done for heart disease rates and the state of health you see all around you? Heart disease rates have continued to soar year after year while we have become sicker and unhealthier than any other time in history. And now, we’re passing our habits and diseases to our kids.

Coconut oil is not to be feared – it’s to be embraced. It doesn’t harm your health. Rather, research continues to show that the butyric acid found in coconut oil increases your number of thyroid hormone receptors 1. That means it improves your thyroid hormone sensitivity, allowing your cells to metabolize more thyroid hormone more efficiently while increasing your metabolism and thyroid function.

People who don’t use coconut oil in their diets and instead over-consume thyroid damaging fats tend to look aged and sicker because of the excessive oxidation and accelerated aging these fats cause. Do you really think this is healthy for your thyroid? Of course not!

Everyone knows that protein is essential to your health… especially with respect to your thyroid health. But have you noticed that it doesn’t seem to matter how much protein people eat, they still struggle with thyroid symptoms? Sure, too little protein can cause hypothyroidism, but so can too much of the wrong proteins.

In fact, studies have shown that certain protein sources rich in the anti-thyroid amino acids can directly block your thyroid gland from releasing thyroid hormone into your body 4. And the bad news is that like most people, you’re likely over-eating these bad protein sources and unknowingly suppressing your thyroid in the process.

The good news is that broth made from collagen rich bones contains almost none of these anti-thyroid amino acids making it ideal for optimal thyroid function. Plus, it is extremely rich in the anti-inflammatory amino acid glycine.We’ll also talk about the importance of balancing your proteins properly on the next page. 3. Sip Some Orange Juice

Low sugar everything has been the craze now for the past couple of years and look around. What has this wonderful bit of advice done for people? Sure, at first you might feel a little better, but that’s your body in survival mode… with excitatory but thyroid suppressing adrenaline coursing through your veins.

Orange juice is yet another thyroid friendly food that has been mistakenly feared for the past decade because of its unwarranted association with common inflammatory diseases like diabetes. Yet research studies show that orange juice does not cause any oxidative or inflammatory response 5, making it extremely beneficial not only for hypothyroid sufferers but for diabetics too.

In my private practice I’ve literally worked with hundreds of hypothyroidism sufferers over the years. Most came to me already taking thyroid medication, natural medications included. And most were already following what they “believed” to be a healthy diet. Yet, they all continued to suffer from the same problem. None of them were addressing the real underlying causes of their hypothyroidism… the bigger and more important ones unrelated to your thyroid gland!

Over the past 8 years, I have developed and fine-tuned a new diet-based therapy that I call the Hypothyroidism Revolution System. This is a scientifically proven and revolutionary way of strategically balancing your diet with the right foods to correct the real underlying causes of your hypothyroidism, including those more important ones that don’t involve your thyroid gland. That’s All YOU NEED… And I want to hold your hand and walk you through it, step by step.

That’s right: I do not just focus on your thyroid gland (although the Hypothyroidism Revolution System corrects gland related issues) and I do not use any of those dangerously unbalanced fad-health diets or dangerous health supplements that research continues to show only further ruin your thyroid. I hate that I wasted years of my life and countless time with my family that I’ll never get back, trying so many unfounded diets and supplements that only made things worse.

The Hypothyroidism Revolution System was created from my own personal breakthrough in taking control of my health, overcoming my own hypothyroidism, and now living my life the way I always wanted. And after working with hundreds of hypothyroidism sufferers, it has been adapted and fine-tuned to work for everyone, regardless of age, lifestyle, or thyroid condition.