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It is acknowledged that he has sung a total of 26,000 songs, but researchers have found only 7,405 songs yet. How did the error came into effect: During a foreign music concert while introducing Mohammed Rafi, the anchroman declared that he had sung 26,000 songs and everybody just accepted it without much of fact checking. Unfortunately, even Rafi Sahab himself believed it to be true.

Apparently, nature also mourned Rafi’s death — Mumbai was soaked to the bones as heavens opened its doors to welcome that celestial voice. The film capital of India witnessed an unprecedentedly crowded funeral procession as people braved the rains to bid adieu to their favourite singer.

Even though there was a healthy completion among them, which always a point of discussion among music critics of that time, Mohammed Rafi and Kishore Kumar were good friends.

It was heartwrenching to see Kishore Kumar sitting next to the mortal remains of Mohammed Rafi sobbing for hours together.

Mohammed Rafi and Kishore Kumar once challenged each other without their own knowledge. R.D. Burman was the one who behind this as well. For the movie Pyaar Ka Mausam (1969) he made both of them sing the beautiful song Tum Bin Javum Kahaan. The song needed to be sung by two different characters in the movie in different situations. Rafi’s voice was used for Sashi Kapoor’s character while Kishore Kumar’s was suited for Bharat Bhushan. The version sung by Rafi turned out to be more popular.

An interesting fact about Rafi is that he used to encourage other singers as well. He met Mehboob at a musical concert in Kochi and fascinated with his singing, Rafi invited Mehboob to Mumbai. But Mehboob was hesitant to leave the city, so he declined the offer.

Rafi never sang in Malayalam due to his difficulty in pronouncing the language. But the initiative of producer Abdul Khader, who was an ardent admirer of Rafi, made him sing the Hindi song Shabab Lekhe Voh in a Malayalam movie Thalirtta Kinaakkal released in the year 1980.The lyricist of the song was Ayish Kamal.

Remuneration was never a constraint for Rafi. He never sang after settling on an amount as remuneration and he never quit a song because of payment issues. In fact, he sang a song for music director Nisar Vasmi for which he received only Re1 as payment.

HMV has decided to release a collection of Mohammed Rafi’s sad songs. For this purpose they required a photo of Rafi with a gloomy face and they searched their whole library, which is in essence big in collection, but could not find a photo of Rafi in a sad mood. Finally they have to give up the idea and the collection was released with a smiling Rafi on the cover of the album.

Has the always smiling Rafi ever quarrelled with anyone? The answer is “yes” and it was with Lata Mangeshkar. They had a dispute over the royalty of songs in which Mangeshkar argued that the royalty of the songs should be shared with the singers as well while Rafi’s stand was that after receiving the payment for a particular song, the singers morally don’t have any right to claim the royalty. Both of them didn’t talk to each other or sang together for six years from then and later it was in S.D. Burman Music Night organised in Mumbai that they shared the stage and sang a duet together.

In a fine morning of 1960, the producer of the movie Kohinoor came to visit Rafi with a gift and some flowers .The producer was guilty that initially he refused to incorporate Rafi’s song in the movie but in reality the song has worked as the key factor for success of the movie. In response, Rafi accepted only the flowers and rejected the gift. He said that the public has already gifted him by accepting the song and that is the best gift he could get.

He used to send a Money Order to a widow living in the neighbourhood. After Rafi’s death when the money stopped coming, the widow went and enquired in the post office. It was only then that she came know who the sender of the Money Order was!!