About project chronię zdrowie ebus bronchoscopy

ON 28th April 2017 we completed the project titled: “Prevention of Cancer Diseases in the City and District of Nowy Sącz Implemented at J. Śniadecki Specialist Hospital in Nowy Sącz”, co-financed with Financial Mechanism EOG and Norwegian Fianncial Mechanism 2009-2014”, which was started in 2014.

W ithin the Project we bought the equipment and appliances worth over PLN 7 million, such as: the equipment for the Endoscopy Lab, Videodermatoscope, USG apparatus, ultrasound aspiration apparatus, hybrid electro-surgical platform, bronchoscopy, digital mammograph, digital x-ray apparatus, histeroscope, Gamma camera, thermal ablation equipment, systems for head-cooling when applying chemotherapy.

The website of our Hospital now has a Portal named: “I protect my health against cancer”, where we upload videos with famous professors and doctos and also information on particular groups of cancer diseases.

It also contains the material documenting our information and education activities within the project (films, photos, conversations).

On 10 th and 11 th March 2017 we held a conference named: “Oncology Days of Nowy Sacz District” in Krynica-Zdrój. The conference was held under the honorary patronage of Małopolska Province Marshall, Jacek Krupa. Its guests included representatives of local authorities, patients, doctors and medical staff from all over Poland. There were around 250 participants to this 2-day conference.

The system is based on two mechanisms: cooling the head skin (reduced temperature) leads to reduction in blood flow and lowered metabolism, which in turn reduces the supply and activity of active substances in cells, which strengthens hair cells and allows them to survive.

It consists of a cooling unit, with computerized steering system (operated via a touch panel), allowing to cool the head skin of two patients simultaneously, according to separated procedures. The central unit is connected via cables to soft and delicate silicon caps. The cooling liquid is supplied from the cooling unit container via cables to small canals inside the caps. The temperature of head skin is monitored by two independent sensors on the surface of the cap. One measures temperature in the front and the other – in the back part of the head. An additional, third sensor is responsible for ensuring temperature never falls below 0°C. Temperature is lowered gradually even before apply the chemotherapeutic agent and kept at the right level during the drug infusion and afterwards.

In June 2013 the Hospital submitted an application for co-financing within the Operational Program PL07 Improvement and better adjustment of healthcare to demographic and epidemiological trends co-financed from Financial Mechanism EOG and Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2009-2014:

In the decision from 30 th July 2015, the project titled: “ Prevention of Cancer in the city and district of Nowy Sacz implemented at J. Śniadecki Specialist Hospital in Nowy Sącz” obtained 134 points out of 135 points available and was ranked 4 th (2 applications received 135 points and 2 – 134 points) (out of 585 applications submitted in the whole area of Poland) and received 80% co-financing of the eligible costs.

The aim of the Program is : Prevention of cancer aimed at lowering the incidence of disease and mortality rate due to cancer diseases in Poland, and this aim is increasingly achieved through the Project implemented in Nowy Sącz Hospital. Medical progress clearly points at the necessity of using new methods of treatment and disease prevention, including cancer prevention. Therefore, new methods of reaching the society and spreading professional and practical knowledge of broadly understood cancer prevention appear.

One of the specific goals is to improve the detectability of cancer diseases. We can list many additional goals – which stem from the implementation of the project: improving the quality and comfort of work and using medical services offered by the Hospital, improving the safety level of district inhabitants, effective, efficient, quick and professional help offered to inhabitants, improving the life quality in the district by improving the quality of medical services, improving the quality of the working environment of medical and administration personnel, improving the image of a public healthcare center, improving the comfort of work for Hospital staff, improving the effectiveness and efficiency of Hospital activities, creating conditions for developing the Hospital potential as well as the district potential, improving access to healthcare services.