Adding a pearl positive thought instant relief from heartburn

There is a very important thing we need to know if we eat cooked food instead of raw. Cooking food kills enzymes. We NEED enzymes. They not only help digest our food, they keep a strong immune system to fight illness and disease. This is big…!!! This is important…!

Lets get right to the point.. the amazing enzyme builds muscle, builds nerve bone tissue, aids in urine elimination, aids carbon dioxide from the lungs, prevents arteries from clogging…. Needed for productive liver, kidneys, spleen, pancreas, as well as seeing, thinking and breathing. Wait there’s more….

I took this in the beginning, besides being for digestion, it is also a brain food and helps in lowering cholesterol and triglycerides, I also had learned it helped with blood sugar, which was a big concern of mine. I was amazed when I found out all the other benefits and aid I was accomplishing just by taking this little gem with my food.

As we get older we have a deficiency of needed enzymes, we need to aid our bodies with an enzyme supplement. Those who eat a raw diet probably don’t need as much as us who don’t. Me… who cooks and stir fries just about everything, needs this aid. I really try to have a raw something each day, like this week I ate a broccoli slaw with micro sprouts yum! Sometimes I have a platter of colored peppers, cukes, tomatoes or etc. (so much to choose from in the produce dept.) with a bit of feta cheese…But the majority of my food is cooked.

I keep enzymes in this cute inlayed box in the middle of my dining table. My grandson even knows to get one out whenever we eat. I take one each time I consume food. I usually carry a little pill box in my purse for I never know when I will be eating out. I like to share with the table as well.

All enzymes end in ‘ase’ Lipase (breaks down fat) …Protease (breaks down protein) …Cellulase (breaks down cellulose) …Amylase (breaks down starch)… Just reading that makes you realize the complications we could suffer from not having enough in our system right?.. think heartburn, allergies, intestinal problems.

I read all about ‘THE’ enzymes and their benefits in a book Food Enzymes The Missing Link to Radiant Health by Humbart Santillo even before I finished reading it I went to Amazon and ordered many to give away. I told my family to drop what ever else they were doing and read this… NOW!!! It’s a little book, you can read it in one sitting, BUT when you start it you won’t want to put it down anyway. You will have mind blown… Then you will want to call me and Thank Me….

Take an enzyme with the first bite of food and let the magic happen. I break a capsule open and sprinkle on my grandsons first bite. He is a gulper, I sometimes wonder if any chewing goes on at all. Enzymes in him makes me feel better. Poor stomach, what it must go thru without the help.

I am learning, do not take this, without food. Also if you take a vitamin, it will behoove you to take an enzyme supplement with your food. You are doing a disservice to your body if you don”t. Vitamins and minerals just can’t do their work without them.