Adventures of a not so perfect mama shopping with joe symptoms of a concussion in child

Last night I had to make a last minute run to Wal-Mart. Impulsively I took Joe along with me. I needed to get several odds and ends, and, a new purse. The purse I recently spent an hour trying to choose, is already falling apart. I seem to have no end of problems with purses.

As we hustled through the store, grabbing what we needed, Joe kept reminding me to not forget a purse. Eventually I had managed to trek the entire super center (and still forgot to get laundry soap.) and it was time to go find a purse. With Joe.

This one is professional….. this one has good security…. Have you possibly considered a tote bag?… I notice that many women have been wearing backpacks. You can store and carry lots of things in a back pack…..This style has both long and short handles. When your hands are full, you can carry it on your shoulder, or, across your body for added security….Do not even look at that one.

It makes you appear like a farmer’s wife. And you are not a farmer’s wife….No. That one is not professional looking. You are not fourteen. You should not have pink….Not the flowers, Just. No. Also, it is too small for your needs…. Have you looked at this model?

I ended up with a purse that seemed to satisfy Joe and myself and meet the basic requirements. Pleased with the purse shopping, Joe began to launch into the pros and cons of self driving autos, and whether Tesla was on to the wave of the future, or, too many people were afraid of progress and would try to block it because of the unknown. This was a discussion that lasted for some time, before we debated the different genres of science and the benefits and complexity of each and how for some reason, lots of kids just don’t get it. Or math. Which is perplexing, because they are both so easy. Which launched us into a discussion regarding History, most of which I cannot recall. I do know, however, that it is so fascinating that, I didn’t know until recently, he has been taking his school history text book to bed to read, and finished it some time ago.

I cannot get enough of conversations with Joe. He is headed off to a weekend Scout Camp tomorrow. I think roughing it is good for him. Maybe it gives his brains a break for a few days. Or, at least a different avenue of things to think about.

It turns out he had a concussion which got him sent home from school again the next day, and, I kept him out of school yesterday. This has not endeared him to his teacher, and, I was advised in a note today that exceptions may not be made, and she will not reward his lack of focus even if there was head trauma, nor will she tolerate talking in class. School is almost over. School is almost over. School is almost over. Not even sure how to handle this. I have a strongly worded response to that snarky note, just waiting to send into school. Or, do I ignore this? Talk to the principal? Let it go? Light a candle? Douse her with holy water? I don’t even know.

On to other things. This weekend, I think, is my last weekend before my side job kicks in. I suspect most weekends are going to be spent as an agency nurse again. A few years ago, I worked for this agency, and, they asked me to come back. The paperwork is done, and everything is ready to go. So, I am hoping to spend as much of this weekend as possible in my gardens. I have amassed thus far, seven flats of flowers, with more to come. If I can keep up – my gardens will be wonderful this year. I just need to plant them all.

Awhile back, I mentioned we had gotten new neighbors. We hadn’t actually seen anyone move in, so, we naturally assumed they were probably Sorcerers. It turns out that one of the other neighbors did see signs of them moving, so, I figured they probably aren’t Sorcerers. As handy has it would be to have one as a neighbor, we don’t. But, they have been pretty nice so far, and, the kids love their dogs, so, I suppose that works, too. They did wonder why so many people have moved out of their house over the years. My brother in law happened to be present during that conversation, and he said it was probably because of us. They’ve been there a few months now, and we haven’t seen a For Sale sign go up yet. However, nicer weather is upon us, and, the kids are outside more now…

Tonight, the new neighbors put dinner on their grill. Which means nothing to nobody, except, we were in our backyard, when George mentioned there was a lot more smoke then there had been. Looking over, I gasped as I saw flames shooting out of the grill, which was clearly on fire. This brought back an immediate flashback of the day we were all headed to the funeral home for Bearded Man’s father’s wake, and his next door neighbor’s house caught fire and burned to the ground, because of a grill fire.

I kid you not, after we had watched that much fire pour out of that grill, the neighbor wandered outside calm as could be a few minutes later with a glass of water, and delicately poured it on the remaining flames. Completely calm. Calm all over the place. I don’t know whether to be absolutely impressed by that level of relaxation, or if I should wonder about our own level of panic there. In retrospect, this sort of reignites the Sorcerer angle. Either way, I am not sure if they were able to save their dinner or not, because we had to get George to his baseball game.