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If this saves one woman from getting an unnecessary biopsy, it is well worth it. Endometrial biopsy complications I had my first abnormal mammogram in 2003, and the mammographer said that she needed to take two extra pictures of the right breast. Hysteroscopy endometrial biopsy The first four pictures were painful, but she compressed the machine as far as it would go for the extra two. Breast biopsy recovery time It felt as if somebody had stabbed me with a knife, and I was still having pain from it 2 months later. Endometrial biopsy ivf Since I had members on my dad’s side of the family who previously had breast cancer, the doctors really played that to the max. Endometrial biopsy pain The radiologist who read my routine mammogram recommended that I have magnified views of the small (3-mm) cluster of calcifications seen on my routine mammogram.

Breast biopsy recovery Instead of referring me for a magnified mammogram, my stupid primary care doctor referred me for an ultrasound (she does not know the difference). Endometrial biopsy results time frame Ultrasounds do not show calcifications. Endometrial biopsy results interpretation The ultrasound showed a cystic-like area (smashed tissue from the mammogram is what I told them it was and knew it to be), so my primary care doctor referred me directly to a surgeon. Endometrial biopsy results The surgeon reviewed my mammograms and ultrasound, did a simple breast exam (I had no lumps or tumors), and told me that she wanted to do a large-core biopsy for the calcifications and a fine-needle aspiration for the cystic area. Bleeding after endometrial biopsy I told her that I would like to have an MRI done first. What is endometrial biopsy She said that she could order one, but that it would not show if the calcifications were cancerous. Endometrial biopsy results how long I then told her that I hoped that she did not mind if I got a second opinion. What is an endometrial biopsy She disgustedly stated that I could get a second opinion, but they would just want to do a biopsy as well. Biopsy endometrial I told her to go ahead and schedule the biopsy, so she did. Skin biopsy results time The next day I called my primary care doctor’s office and requested an MRI. Pipelle endometrial biopsy A bi-lateral MRI with contrast dye was done, and the radiologist who read the MRI said that the small spot where the calcifications were located looked like malignant disease, but the cystic area was benign. Endometrial biopsy procedure I then started reading all about calcifications, magnified mammograms, cancer, etc., on the internet. Endometrial biopsy side effects Then I realized that the surgeon, who had done thousands of breast biopsies and read even more mammograms/ultrasounds/MRI’s, certainly knew that a magnified mammogram could have proven that the calcifications were benign. Liver biopsy recovery time She was too eager to make the big $$$, and now I understand why 85 percent of the biopsies done in the U.S. Abnormal endometrial biopsy results are benign. Endometrial biopsy recovery It is just a big money-making racket. Endometrial biopsy video Well, I then called my primary care doctor’s office and requested a magnified mammogram. Pain after endometrial biopsy It was done (with much more pain), and it proved that the calcifications were benign. Cervical biopsy recovery I really feel sorry for women who have no computers. Endometrial biopsy complications Some of them do not even speak good English, and they are being taken to the cleaners by these lousy, unscrupulous surgeons for the sake of money. Hysteroscopy endometrial biopsy Even after the magnified mammogram proved that the calcifications were benign, the radiologist “suggested” that I have a biopsy on the so-called cystic area. Breast biopsy recovery time I went to a surgeon for a second opinion. Endometrial biopsy ivf She even admitted that she could believe that the so-called cystic area could be caused by the mammogram compressions, because she had seen hematomas caused by them. Endometrial biopsy pain However, she was not sure that this was caused by the mammogram. Breast biopsy recovery She, too, was eager to make the big $$$ to do the biopsy. Endometrial biopsy results time frame After fully discussing my allergies, the fact that I needed to have a liver function test done due to some Black Cohosh that I had been taking for 6 months, etc., she insisted that the Lidocaine she was using for the needle biopsy was safe, that she had used it on all of her patients. Endometrial biopsy results interpretation I almost went into cardiac arrest from it later that night and still had a racing heart (blood pressure of 188/89) 2 days later. Endometrial biopsy results I had an EKG done, went to a cardiologist, and then was referred for a heart ultrasound (which has deliberately been canceled twice). Bleeding after endometrial biopsy I went through all of that hell only to get the lab report that the tissue samples from the needle biopsy did not show that the so-called cystic area was anything. What is endometrial biopsy Yes,it was something: smashed tissue from the mammogram machine. Endometrial biopsy results how long Please beware of what surgeons and doctors tell you. What is an endometrial biopsy They are so convincing with their lies.

You’ve clearly had an unfortunate experience. Biopsy endometrial The message for other women is that it is important that the radiologist reading their films be someone who specializes in breast imaging. Skin biopsy results time then the risk of this happening is low…. Pipelle endometrial biopsy more than 90% of biopsies can be done in a breast imaging setting without an incision. Endometrial biopsy procedure Though magnifying the films can help to show the pattern of calcifications the only truly definitive way to determine if something is benign or not is a biopsy– watching calcifications over time is also not uncommon– to see if they increase in number and cluster closer together. Endometrial biopsy side effects Annual mammography continues to be the key for early detection. Liver biopsy recovery time Being in competent hands is critical..

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