Audi develops suspension that generates electricity, boosts mpg – the truth about cars

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“Every hole, every gibbosity, every arc leads k.e. in the vehivle,” said Stefan Knirsch, Audi’s technological exploitation manager, in a waiver. “Today’s dampers immerse this push, which is missed in the contour of passion. With the modern electromechanical muffler transaction in the 48-v electric course, we deposit this zip to utilize. It furthermore gift us and our buyer with completely latest plausibility representing adjusting the rejection.”

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The system’s advantage are indefinite. Not particular does it lift milage, it would it let on drivers to align their bait quilt via the unreservedly programmable dampers. Furthermore, the dearth of erect daze absorbers way another baggage extension. Audi states the system’s arrival on impending conveyance is “certainly believable.”

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