Baby rashes – causes, symptoms, pictures, types, treatment, prevention diseases pictures cold sores inside your mouth

Five out of 10 newborn babies would develop milia that are marked with tiny white spots on the face. The soft skin of the infant would get blocked causing white spots. This needs no treatment since it would automatically disappear after few weeks.

Some babies would develop pimples or acne on their face and cheeks. It causes tiny red spots on the cheeks and nose and often it occurs within a month of birth. No special treatment is needed for baby’s acne. Often infantile acne will fade off within a month or two. In case the pimples develop after 4 months of age you need to consult your pediatrician.

For some infants there would be small yellow patches on their scalp and even on the face and ears. Normally it will not be itchy but if your baby is bothered by scratching the hair on his head it can be eczema.

It develops on the baby between 2-4 months of age. You can use baby shampoo for gently washing the yellow scaly patches. If it does not go away you can consult dermatologist.

Unlike other type of baby rashes eczema is chronic skin rash forming red colored itchy patches on the skin. For some babies eczema can develop due to milk allergy. Some forms of eczema would continue to trouble your baby till 10-15 years of age and even into their adulthood. This type of baby rash develops anywhere on the skin but is largely seen on the skin folds like knees or elbows.

Leaving the baby wet for long time is the main cause for diaper rash. It can also be caused by yeast/fungal or bacterial infection. As baby grows older he would start taking solid diets which can also cause diaper rash. Parents should not use the same diaper for longer duration and often change pads during night. Your doctor would suggest any topical cream for giving immediate relief from diaper rash.

It is common type of sweat rash that develops on the baby when they are heavily dressed in many clothes. When the sweat glands get blocked due to oil or dust particles it causes miliria. This type of rash does not require any treatment and the red rashes will soon fade off within few days.

It is a type of allergy rash causing tiny red colored sores on the skin. Some food particles are known to triggers chemical compound called histamines which are released into the skin causing Urticaria or hives. Some babies are allergic to milk or egg and it develops the rash after feeding. Antihistamines are prescribed for controlling this rash and you should avoid feeding the child with allergic foods.

Scabies are marked by small red burrows on the skin resembling that of bites of mites. This infection is contagious and spreads from other family members to the child. This would cause irritation on the skin surface including feet, hands and armpits. These are some of the common types of skin rash that develops on babies. Symptoms of baby rash are almost common. Primarily causes of baby rash are bacterial or viral infection.

You can wait for 2-3 days to see if the symptoms disappear gradually. If the sores or bumps spreads on the baby’s skin and the baby is irritated due to rash you need to visit your doctor. Do not delay in checking with your physician if the child develops fever along with rash. Treatment for baby rash depends on the causative factor. Your doctor would prescribe antiviral or antibiotic topical creams for the rashes.

You have to maintain proper hygiene while handling baby clothes. Wash the clothing with antiseptic lotion. Keep your home clean and dry to prevent any infection. Use only mild soaps and soft clothes for cleansing the baby. Since the baby’s skin is too soft anything that is harsh can affect the skin.