Baka-updates manga – dead tube is trichomoniasis a std

She even let him video her in the bathroom, and he is one hella psycho there! That last chapter left me bit shocked. But I shouldn’t be calling it ironic at all. It is indeed a horror/gore manga. I should be expecting these from this manga. I won’t say more, until this manga is completed! I just loved it 3 Though, how the girls have over-sized breasts are annoying! Probably because I don’t read manga containing hetero sex.

It’s really rude to say that. You didn’t like it, okay. Keep your hate to yourself. But what’s up with saying if you like this you have some underling psychological issues? Anybody can like this, you’re no one to tell us what we should like and if we like something what we become. It’s none of your business if we like it or not. It just depends on a person if they want to like it or not.

You decided to hate it, others may have not. At least, not all of them hates it. So does that mean if I like it, it means I have psychological problems? And those who don’t like it are normal/sane people? Please don’t say something like that again. It definitely will offend both you and the person who liked it.

As a new series, I picked it up out of curiosity. Due to its premise being an underground competition that has the competitors outright murdering other people and recording it all on video, I had the manga Underdog in the back of my mind. Unfortunately, I was wrong to believe that the series would be anything like Underdog, as the premise is so incredibly flimsy*.

Due to there being such a weak premise established, it only goes to show how the author barely cares about properly establishing the driving force of the manga, and only wishes to focus on the parts with lots of gore and nudity. The author practically asks some characters in his own manga what would be the best material to generate the most viewcount.

I totally understand that people are into this kind of material, involving rape, excessive gore, torture, etc. etc. Such material tends to be quite dark, bleak, and crushes any hope for the idea of good winning out by the end. That being the case, my issue is that the author had the nerve to make the protagonist and heroine the good guys by having her kill EVIL PEOPLE. As residentgrigo pretty much said, it’s ridiculous to publish this kind of story as a shounen…

The intended goal for the Directors + club-mates’ death was to have our protagonist come to fully trust nobody else but the heroine of the story. With the director outright admitting that she and the others had all along planned on tricking and betraying him was already enough to prove a point. I was under the belief that Dead Tube was the source of their sudden change in personality, having their greed for all that money turn them into such inhumane beings. Of course though, that’s NOT THE CASE AT ALL! The author decided to add on the fact that they had all been sadistically evil sex-addicts all along, with our protagonist + heroine opposing them as pure virgins!

If you want to like this series, by all means, go ahead; I don’t have the right to dictate what you or anyone else can/can’t like. But honestly, if you say that other peoples’ comments are wrong, don’t provide proper reasoning as for why the series doesn’t suck, and simply give it a flawless 10/10 toward the fact that you like its gore + H, don’t expect me to take your recent comment (1/8/15 – 2:17AM) seriously.

We’re explained how Dead Tube is able to exist as the mysterious person/group behind it has enough money to substantially reward the contestants, all while bribing the cops and media to prevent the contestants from getting caught for their terrible crimes. If you fail to get enough views, the quality of your videos will be considered as boring, and your life will be targeted! Oh no!

A. How many fucking people are there making videos for this stupid competition?! Are there so many to choose from that some of them won’t be viewed at all? Seriously, all you’d have to do is click on a video to give it a view, and even if you found the video really boring this time around, it should still technically count as a view. Wouldn’t it make a HELL OF A LOT more sense to use a simple rating system in order to seek out who’s videos are amongst the top quality?!

B. Why is nobody wearing a mask?! Take a second to think about it: Just give your characters their own unique masks to conceal their identity, and right away you’ve added something somewhat iconic (think Dorohedoro) and more mysterious (maybe something written by TONOGAI Yoshiki) to your overall story. It’s a shame the author never went with that idea from the get-go, cause now…

Even if the news and the police are being bribed to frame someone else as the killer, you still have video-recorded evidence of the exact murders taking place for anyone to go watch online, with the killer’s face shown, and their full name’s right next to the goddamn video! So I have to wonder: HOW THE HELL CAN THIS ENTIRE CONTEST BE KEPT A SECRET FROM THE REST OF SOCIETY?