Bbk mustang off-road cat delete pipes 1674 (11-14 gt) – free shipping can trichomoniasis be cured

These are the BBK Off-Road Cat Delete Pipes for the 2011 to 2014 GT, and these offer you a fast and easy way to affordably eliminate your cats without having to purchase an off-road mid-pipe. These will work with either the stock exhaust or aftermarket exhaust. So stock or aftermarket shorty headers, and the stock or an aftermarket mid-pipe, as long as it keeps the same two and a half inch diameter. The install for these pipes is very simple. You’re looking at a one out of three wrenches in the difficulty meter and you can expect to spend an hour or two getting these on the car.

So the cat delete pipes will connect to the shorty headers and the mid-pipe, whether it be an X or an H pipe, it doesn’t matter. The nice thing about this is you don’t have to purchase a whole new mid-pipe to go catless.

So you get to keep your current mid-pipe or upgrade later if you wanted to. That’s gonna make this a more affordable way to eliminate your cats. These are Mandrel-Bent aluminized tubing. Aluminized tubing is nice in the sense that it tends to be less expensive than stainless steel, but it does have it’s down sides. If you’re shopping for a daily driver, or a car that you drive in all different types of weather, I usually recommend steering away from aluminized tubing. It doesn’t have corrosion resistance like stainless steel does, so it’s not gonna hold up as long as stainless steel would in those cases. But if you’re not shopping for a daily driver, and you don’t mind aluminized tubing, then I’d say that this is a good buy.

Because these are cat delete pipes, I have to say that they’re intended for off-road use only. You’re eliminating your cats here and, essentially, what you’ll be doing is opening up a point of restriction. That means you get more sound from your exhaust even if you have a completely stock setup. Your exact exhaust situation will determine what your car is ultimately gonna sound like though. The other thing to consider here is you will see a check engine light if you install these and you don’t do anything with those O2s. A tune can eliminate the check engine light for you.

When it comes to price, you can expect to spend just over $150 for these pipes. These are currently your only option when it comes to cat delete pipes. Your other option is to go with an off-road mid-pipe, but that is gonna be a more expensive than these cat delete pipes. As far as the install goes, this is a one out of three wrenches in the difficulty meter, and you can plan on spending an hour or two getting these installed. You can use a jack and jack stands to get this done, but as always, a lift would make the job easier. Once you get the car in the air, you’ll need to unplug the rear O2 sensors, loosen the clamps at the rear of the cat pipes where they’ll connect to the front of the mid-pipe. Unbolt and remove the cats after you pull the bolts from the exhaust manifolds. Remove the O2 sensors from the stock cats and install them into the BBK cat delete pipes. Place the cat delete pipes in place reusing the stock metal flange gasket at the headers, then connect the cat delete pipes to the front of the mid-pipe, plug back in the O2s, and you’re all done.