Best graco double strollers to buy 2018 buyers guide wise mamma heartburn relief natural

The Graco DuoGlider tandem stroller is a great quality double stroller. It has really comfortable seating for your little ones with the rear seat being slightly raised for a better view. This Graco tandem stroller has both a child tray and one for the parents at the back which is really handy. Folding is also quite easy and is intended to be done one-handed which we managed to get right with a couple of practise tries initially. The underneath storage basket is also huge which we love because it makes carting all the extra baby bits and pieces around much easier, and is super convenient for shopping trips. The front wheels are also lockable making it easier to manoeuvre especially in tighter situations. Graco Duoglider vs Ready2grow

Overall we’d recommend the DuoGlider if you’re not too concerned about the different combinations of seating and happy with just a tandem double stroller.

If you looking for something more versatile then the Graco Ready2grow is a better option (although in that case rather get the newer Graco Duo modes combination double stroller – see our update below).

The Duo click connect stroller is a great looking and comfortable stroller option. It’s nice and compact for a side by side double stroller, allowing it to still fit through normal doorways which is a big plus. The seats are really comfortable and nicely padded and reclines almost flat which is great for changing nappies or allow smaller kids/babies to sleep comfortably. As it’s name suggests, the folding action is also really smooth and easy for a double stroller. Go from stroller to car

This lets you use the connect seat seamlessly in your car and the connect double stroller. no base is needed for the stroller as it snaps straight into the stroller seat). It will also fit 2 car seats at the same time if you have two babies. Quick and Compact folding

I’ve personally used and review a few strollers over the years. And there’s one thing that will push me over the edge faster than a fox chasing a rabbit, and that’s a stroller that is so complicated and difficult to fold that you need a degree in rocket-science to get it right. Luckily, although not quite the 1-second folding as it claims, this side-by-side stroller really does fold very quickly and easily.

I’ll be honest, I’m one of those moms that need to be able to have a clear view of my kid at all times. I know, I’m pedantic, but I’ve too often seen other children end up tripping head first while the mom is chatting away or looking at Facebook – it only takes a few seconds. Luckily having them strapped into the stroller means they are less likely to get into trouble or mischief but I still like the fact that this stroller comes with little windows that let me see my precious little ones, and most importantly means they can see and talk to me too without me needing to stop or walk around to the front of the stroller. It’s super convenient and matches my OCD nature perfectly! #128578; Plenty of Storage

Another gripe I have with many stroller these days is that they seem to forget that you’re a one man (woman) army when it comes to carting your babies and toddlers around. I mean there’s often the nappies, bottles and food just to name a few things that usually go with me. And that’s not including my own stuff like my bag, cellphone, car keys etc… So when I end up with teensy storage baskets or no place to put my child’s sippy cup, it drives me bonkers because I often think the people that design the stroller don’t have kids.

The Graco Duo surpassed all my fears, by including two generous storage baskets underneath the stroller. And not only does it have two separate adjustable cup holders for your baby or toddler, but they have even given the parents two cupholders and a storage area at the top by the push handles – I can’t say thank you enough that they thought this through properly because it really is heaven to be able to easily get all that stuff into the stroller and a place for my drink, cellphone and keys too.