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Book eventually finds Match trapped in a box and asks if Match knows what is going on. Match recalls Pencil driving the FreeSmart Van into Evil Leafy‘s mouth. Match also remembers falling into her unpleasant box. Book and Match agree to find the other FreeSmarters.

Later, Match and Book enter a house. Inside, Book finds Lego Brick, but is first scared of him and thinks he is an armless mutant Blocky. Lego Brick denies this and asks to be Book’s friend. Book asks him Where are we? Lego Brick states that they are in Evil Leafy, along with thousands of other recommended characters. Lego Brick is confused at the fact that Evil Leafy ate Book and Match, but she reassures that they are fine. Lego Brick remains confused, Book says goodbye to carry on their adventure.

Book traps Lego Brick inside a box to activate a switch to complete a level.

In the next level, Lego Brick turns mad, saying that Book trapped him inside a box. Book reassures her that it was only for desperate measures, but Lego Brick is unconvinced and punishes the two by forcing them to fall into his underground factory, teaching them not to mess with him.

Ice Cube does not remember why she is in the dungeon, but laments that if she had arms, she could pick up a nearby box to escape the dungeon. Fortunately, Book had arms, so she told her that she had arms. This made Icy happy. Book moves the box to the other low-hanging platforms, so Book, Match, and Ice Cube can continue the adventure.

Waffle and Book ask each other’s group who they are. Waffle says that Lego Brick is a nice guy once you get to know him, but Book and Match still reject. Waffle introduces Tune, but is cut off by Match’s impatience. Waffle directs the three to Evil Leafy’s mouth eastward, so they leave the recommended characters to continue the quest.

As Book, Match, and Ice Cube exit the house, Waffle and Book exchange goodbyes. Waffle says they are welcome back any time. Book asks Ice Cube if the sky looks redder to her, but Ice Cube denies. Farther away from the house, Match questions why Waffle is outside. Waffle replies that he went on a walk to get some fresh air.

Match Appears for the first time in level 19: Say Hello. She is taller, can jump higher, and can go through smaller holes than other contestants. Match is immune to fire, so when going though a fire box, her hair catches on fire and she can use the fire to burn other characters like Ice Cube. The fire can be put out by hitting a ceiling, being submerged in water, or by melting Ice Cube.

Ice Cube Appears for the first time in level 42: Eye skewb. She can run faster than any character, particularly when on a moving platform. She instantly melts when standing on a fire box. Due to her lacking arms, she cannot hold or throw things, or operate the HPRC.

• The Clubhouse of Awesomeness, which appears in Get in the Van, makes an appearance in level 6 (AKA Landfill) as one of the stages in the trailer. However, The Clubhouse of Awesomeness didn’t appear in the official release, because it’s not inside Evil Leafy.

• In the game, letters appear to be hanging from a tree in the background. For example, level 1 has an E hanging from a tree. Level 11 has a V. Level 26 has an I. These are the only 3 letters but it is speculated that it is supposed to spell EVIL.

A YouTube user by the name of JC7146 found a way to edit the levels. 5b’s level code is located at and according to there, there are only 53 levels and nothing else, which means there is no way to access the levels beyond 53 and the bonus levels because their code doesn’t exist. If someone manages to download the .swf of BFDIA 5b at, creates a folder named 5b and moves the 5b.swf in there, then copy and paste everything at to a text document named levels.txt then place it in their 5b folder with 5b.swf, they are free to edit the levels they have in their levels.txt.