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We need to use estrogen every day of the month in a cyclic manner. It is supposed to reach pick on day 12. If pick is not reached, body can not open receptors to take hormones in. On day 14 we have to gradually introduce progesterone also in cyclic doses, with goal to reach pick on day 21. If we are getting static doses and we never reaching pick with Estrogen and Progesterone on days above mentioned – we are doing guess work with our BHRT. Estrogen alone is growing lining of uterus and also cells elsewhere in our body. Progesterone’s role is to stop growing of cells everywhere in our body and to cause shedding of our uterus, too. I finally understand how important is to know this in order to be protected against cancer. (BTW, I am on hormone replacement for 21 day today, I am mimicking the Wiley protocol way, this is pure pioneering work here in Australia, so hard to find doctor who is inspired and interested to prescribe right doses….

I am not sure about doses. My doctor had prescribed to me estrogen 2mg per gram and progesterone 100 mg per gram. The wiley protocol lady that I asked for help via email has told me that the wiley doses are 1mg per line and 20 mg per line. she is talking about tiny lines of 3cc syringes.. So for my understanding, my prescribed estrogen is 5 times stronger than it is the wiley protocol dose. and my progesterone is 5 time stronger than wiley dose. However, last few days I am getting again mood swings and heating of the body and low tolerance to stress and having feeling of disconnection…. If anyone understand and can help me about how to achieve right dosage with the bioidentical creams that I have here, I will appreciate help and advice. I understand how important is to find right doses. Also in 2 month I am going to do blood test to check if my levels are improving and to get balanced…… Lili from sydney

Are you still on bioindentical hormone therapy? What is the strength of your creams, and how you apply them, are you getting your periods? Be aware that if you apply your creams the right way, so your body is in the balance with the hormones, you should get each month your period. Your muscle weakness is not connected with BHRT. Good luck with treating your muscle pain. Hopefully you succeeded to find the right cause.

Hello Urdang, if I am you, I would take bioidentical hormones. I am 53 and after reading Suzanne Somers books and then practicing my hormone replacement therapy The Wiley protocol way, I am convinced that BHRT is the best that we women can do once we reach the menopause. I am in a menopause for almost 2 years now.(My previous post was when I was confused how to start BHRT. Soon after that my post from march 2009, I did found right doses and right way for applying creams, and I have each month my period since April 2009, not hot flashes and feeling great!) You are already eating well and feeling good. However, our sexual hormones are doing about 3000 functions inside our bodies (when we are young and when all works well inside our bodies). So, why not to put missing hormones back and make them again to work on all those 3000 tasks for our benefit? I am delighted how you eat and live healthy!

hello njw753 and happyagain, out of curiosity, how are you doing with only estogen and testosterone replacement therapy? Are you still on only estrogen and testosterone? Do you know that without progesterone, you are risking getting cancer? On the cellular level, estrogen is there to build cells and progesterone is there to shed unwanted cells. So can your body is not balanced without the progesterone. Your health in the long run can be jeopardised.

Hi timeisshort, you cannot get back with food what your body is not producing anymore, the sexual hormones. Once our capacity to make hormones is gone due to menopause, we should replace what our body cannot produce any more – our sexual hormones. Manipulating diet can not influence hormones production. I am not interested to mask my symptoms with better diet, just to not to have any symptoms of menopause. I want to eat healthy and be healthy, but also, I want my body to get back all my 3000 body functions that were helped with hormones being in my body when I was young! We are only once on this planet and I am so blessed and happy that my menopause happened in time when I was able to get the right information and to be able to have control over my health and to make an educated decision how to apply BHRT the right way.