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There are three electronic components located on the interior transmission tunnel that tend to be troublesome, mostly due to moisture or physical damage. This is the number one area beverage spills gather and electronic component function goes south quickly once they get wet, if they don’t fail completely when initially doused. I have had luck drying out electronic components in the past. So if you get to the spill fast enough, you may be able to save the component. If trying to save one, detach the electrical connector and allow it to sit for 24 hours in a dry environment. If it doesn’t come back to life after drying, you will have to replace it.

The iDrive controller is located on the top of the center console and can be replaced once the center console is removed. Below the center console is the Bluetooth antenna.

Deeper beneath the componentry on the transmission is the airbag control module. When considering replacing these items, keep in mind the need for some coding or programming. The Blue tooth antenna is just a quick swap with no programming required. The iDrive controller and airbag module require programming using an advanced BMW scan tool. With that said, don’t feel you can’t replace these items yourself. You can keep the overall cost of the repair down by replacing the parts yourself, then having the components programmed at a BMW garage. A faulty iDrive controller results in no iDrive menu functions. It can also fail mechanically, resulting in notchy knob operation or looseness. The Blue Tooth antenna failures I have seen are mainly due to moisture, resulting in Blue Tooth connection issues. Airbag control modules will set faults for internal error or short. These faults require replacement of the control module.

Remember that your car may have been serviced before and had parts replaced with different size fasteners used in the replacement. The sizes of the nuts and bolts we give may be different from what you have so be prepared with different size sockets and wrenches.

Protect your eyes, hands and body from fluids, dust and debris while working on your vehicle. If you’re working with the electrical system, disconnect the battery before beginning. Always catch fluids in appropriate containers and properly dispose of any fluid waste. Recycle parts, packaging and fluids when possible. Never work on your vehicle if you feel the task is beyond your ability.

Our vehicle may vary slightly from yours as models do change and evolve, as they grow older. If something seems different, let us know and share your info to help other users. Do you have questions or want to add to the article? Leave a comment below. When leaving a comment, please leave your vehicle information.

Comments: Took your advice and went to the breakers to get another airbag. A few weeks before I changed the airbag, the error would come up again a few seconds after being cleared. Unfortunately, after replacing the airbag, the error still comes up a few seconds after being cleared. I’m starting to think that it’s the Airbag Control Module?

Comments: Great fan of your site, would totally support you if I were in the US. My E60 throws the 93AD: Side airbag, front right – Resistance too high consistently when parked in the sun it’s 90 degrees here every day in Malaysia, and we are RHD. I clear the code with INPA, and it stays off indefinitely until the next exposure to high temperature. Where do you suggest I look? Many thanks in advance and keep up the great work!

Comments: I have a 2011 e90. Im about to replace the idrive controller it doesn’t turn on so i guess its blown/fried because there is power coming from the connection. But does anyone know what is the proper voltage the plug should be, the multimeter says its close to 15volts, i whant to be sure before connecting the new controller and have the same thing happen to the new one. Thanks.

Comments: Any one know what is the proper voltage on the wire feeding the idrive controller? The one i have is fried/blown and just order a new one. I checked the wire with a multimeter and it says close to 15 volts. I dont want to connect the new one and have the same thing happen to it.. Thanks

Comments: Thanks for the reply. Air bag and module has not been repaired the air bag light is on. I checked and the controller is still plugged. Does the air bag module have to do anything with the controller or idrive? Also the radio, cd, aux works i use the seek botton to skip or seek stations or tracks. , the 1-6 preset and voice command button dont work. Voice command works only when the key is inserted and dash on. But stops working when i turn on the car.

Comments: I have a E90 with the idrive controller not working, it doesn’t even light up. The steering wheel air bag was deployd due to a small accident, i had to replace the positive battery cable after the accident. Before i replaced it, all electrical was working fine, but car didn’t start due to the positive battery cable being detonated. After replacing it, the idrive controller stoped working. Is it because the air bag module setting a code? Will i need a new controller or reprogramming the unit will fix it? Thanks