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Bombs are an unusual weapon system, as they are unguided, do not require a locked target to be launched, and depend on the launching ship’s orientation to aim. Like missiles, deployed bombs are physical in-game objects while traveling to their destination, and thus can be destroyed by certain methods.

Each bomb takes up 75 m 3 in a ship’s cargo hold, meaning that stealth bombers, with an average cargo hold of 260 m 3, can only carry three at a time. In most cases, this will not be an issue as only one bomb will be launched per ship per bombing run, but it can become a logistical factor in larger operations.

Once deployed, bombs travel forward from the front of the bomb launcher in a straight line, continuing until they reach a distance of 30km from the launch point, where they then detonate.

Bombs travel at a constant, predetermined speed specific to the bomb’s type, and thus also have a predetermined flight time that is useful for coordinating bombing runs.

Upon detonation, bombs cause damage or other disrupting effects to all ships within a 15km radius of the detonation. These effects are indiscriminate, and are applied to all ships within the blast zone, including any allies and even the launching ship. As stealth bombers usually have few hit points or defenses, any bombers caught within a bomb’s blast radius will likely be destroyed. Thus, bomber pilots should avoid flying in a straight line following the launch of a bomb, and should also be aware of the launch points of any other allied bombers present.

Like missiles, bombs have very few hit points, and can be destroyed by defender missiles, smartbombs, and even other bombs. While the nature of the former two methods means that not all enemies will have such defenses at their disposal, the interference of friendly bombs can be a very real concern during larger fleet operations. All bombs have a very small signature radius which decreases the damage they will take from other bombs, but in larger fleet operations this on its own is not enough to avoid destroying friendly bombs without taken additional precautions.

Each of the four damage-dealing bomb types has a 99.8% resistance to its own damage type. Therefore, it is necessary for groups of bombers to choose one damage type and all use the corresponding bomb. This minimizes the risk of bombs being lost to friendly fire during large bombing runs.

Bombs deliver less damage to smaller targets and in general a single bomb will not in itself deliver sufficient damage to destroy any ship. It is usual for bombers to fly in a wing to deliver a large amount of area of effect damage to as many ships as possible. It is possible for bombs to be destroyed in flight, the 12 second flight time allows a fast locking ship to identify lock and destroy the target however the pilot would have to be expecting the launch and as the bomber remains cloaked prior to deployment this is an unlikely scenario.

A frigate that has an MWD on at the moment of detonation is likely to die to one bomb, however, because of the MWD’s signature-quintupling side effect. The deployment of a target painter also serves to increase the signature radius of the targeted ship.