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That’s not to say that it was easy; I think inherently this journey is a difficult one. But after my two miscarriages, I was able to conceive my son in a relatively short period of time – 13 months from the first month trying to the month of my successful pregnancy test. I didn’t do IVF, didn’t do acupuncture, didn’t take loads of fertility drugs, and didn’t take every supplement under the sun, just a prenatal vitamin.

One area I’ve been intrigued by recently is essential oils. Over the past few years, I’ve discovered that I know a lot of people who use these oils to create potions to do any number of things, from treating basic wounds and bruises, making sunscreen, thickening your hair, or cleaning your house!

The possibilities for these essential oil concoctions are practically limitless, and as you might, guess, essential oils can also help you manage your fertility.

This week I’ve teamed up with Andrea Natelborg, a board-certified registered nurse. Specializing in fertility nursing and women’s health, Andrea spent years working alongside a world-renowned fertility doctor.

Andrea is also an infertility survivor, battling endometriosis, ovarian cysts, multiple surgeries, IVF treatment and two miscarriages. Andrea is living proof that essential oils can help you boost your fertility; after her miscarriages she discovered the oils and has since birthed 4 living children!

Andrea believes so much in the power of essential oils that she’s now an independent wellness advocate for doTerra, a leading essential oils company, and she’d love to offer a free wellness consult to all of my readers. Mention this blog to receive yours today!

There are no regulations on essential oils, most store bought oils or oils purchased from online suppliers will contain synthetic fillers and harmful chemicals. These chemicals are big contributors to infertility and poor health in our daily lives. I strongly advise researching the oil company. Most oils will claim to be 100% pure when in reality they contain fillers and solvents. This can lead to the oils harming you or causing adverse reactions, or yielding a lesser result or health advantage.

Aromatically – best for emotional or respiratory support and cleaning the air diffused or inhaled from an open bottle or diffuser. When inhaled essential oils work almost immediately. They are able to reach many organs such as the lungs and the brain. They work with the limbic system which is the center for emotional stability. Essential oils are wonderful for instant emotional boosts.

Internally– for supporting the immune system, or helping with digestive issues. Only consume oils labeled safe for consumption or oils that have a serving size along with supplement facts on the container. When ingested essential oils are able to target the mouth, digestive tract and urogenital tract. Ingested oils can help kill yeast, bacteria and boost immunity. Only ingest safe oils.

I always recommend knowing the oil you are using and knowing what your intended side effect will be. Ex: using peppermint oil for a headache. Side effect would be headache relief. Purchase your oils from a reputable oil company who can stand behind the purity.