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I have the EXACT same symptoms! I had left shoulder surgery in May of this year due to an injury at work (I work at a hospital, lifting moving patients is part of the job). My shoulder surgeon repaired a small labral tear due to the injury (which was back in Sept ’07 but taken this long through work comp system, and finding a diagnosis) … BUT he said I needed the joint to be tightened as well because it was hypermobile (FIRST time I’d ever heard of this!)

When the injury happened 2 years ago, I immediately felt pain in my left shoulder (the side of my body used to lift the patient). The next day: tingling and numbness in left thumb index finger. A couple of days later: burning pain in left wrist. What followed was an EMG then diagnosis of carpal tunnel (from an ACUTE injury …

whatever!) Then after months of failed response from anti-inflammatories physical therapy, the suggestion of carpal tunnel release surgery. In the meantime, I started overcompensating with my right arm to protect the left, and started getting numbness, tingling and pain in my right hand, wrist forearm. The Carpal Tunnel Release surgery was denied by work comp. Then nothing happened for months. I took matters into my own hands (excuse the pun) since I still felt dull aching in my shoulder thought the prob might be coming from there … I got auth to see a shoulder surgeon in Dec ’08 (a year after the injury). I also told him about my wrist symptoms. He recommended a referral to a hand specialist (which I had already been seen … can you say PING PONG?!) … but this was denied by work comp as well anyway.

My shoulder surgery went well, and I am 6 months post-surg. My wrist symptoms also cleared up considerably over the course of 2 years and not working … HOWEVER … a week and a half ago, I did some baking for a friend’s babyshower, and both my wrists have flared up like crazy! INTENSE pain in both wrists (I’m struggling to type, but am so excited to have found someone with the same symptoms … I was beginning to think I was CRAZY!), and numbness tingling in both hands fingers … like pins needles.

I don’t know much about all this but I have been having problems with my arms getting tired and going numb during normal everday activities suck as brushing hair, showering, anytime my arms need raised. If I have to hold a position for long with my hand my fingers/hand would go kind of numb and tingly. My PCP diagnosed me with TOC (thoracic outlet syndrome) You can do exercises and some other things and serious chest surgery that involves removing a rib to relieve pressure or something on a nerve bundle under the collarbone if nothing helps, I don’t think my case has been to bad until recently. I have been having bad pain in my wrist for a few weeks, x-ray showed no problems. Now I have to see an orthopedist. Not entirely sure if it is related to the TOC or not. Pain has died down now, but once a day or so I have a sudden very painful burning sensation for 15-30 seconds in my forearm wrist and fingers, that slowly goes away for the next several minutes. Along with constant pain in my wrist when I do most anything. not constant just anytime i turn or twist or bump or etc etc my wrist. which is all the time through the day. Oh, doc did say its not carpel tunnel.

Ok people well I had this exact same thing approximately in July 2008 (six years ago)I went into the Big Chemist at Harbor town on the Gold Coast and I was lucky to be able to speak to the directly to the Naturopath Doctor. I was in tears as I was talking about my wrist problem as I was also at my tether…the burning pain was unbearable and I was not sure how much longer I could put up with the pain. Nothing from my regular Doctor helped at all!!!!

The Naturopath took me by the hand and told me she knew exactly what was wrong with me and that she just recovered from the same problem then she wrote me up a script and stated if I done what she has written then it would go away. I purchased what I needed and it cost me around $90.00 at the time all up but in saying that it was worth every cent.

It is only now after 6 years that is has returned so tomorrow I am taking my old script back to that same chemist for them to show me what I need to get started on ridding myself of this nasty pain. I now have the problem in my elbow joints also.

What Michelle has experienced using her vitamins is interesting and goes along with recent dietary knowledge I have discovered. Being that I am perimenopausal I’ve been doing some research and have stumbled on numerous health issues that seem to all come back to our diet. I believe it was watching a documentary series on thyroid function/Hashimoto’s that stated changing the diet and rectifying our blood (hormones and minerals etc) can even cure carpal tunnel syndrome. I’ve no idea if any of the above have carpal tunnel syndrome but improving the diet seems to be the key thing in any of the body conditions/malfunction, including cancer.

Apparently we aren’t getting enough vitamin D, especially with the use of sunscreen (I’ve read that sunscreen isn’t healthy either: as well as stopping the absorption of uva (or b, can’t remember!) rays with help vit D production, the cream is full of chemicals, which brings me to another point…

Reduce, preferably remove, chemicals (there are lists which ones are worse) from the diet and skin, including those in makeup, toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo etc. Obviously we need natural minerals and sometimes supplements are advised. Common ones are vitamin D, omega 3, magnesium, B vitamins. Using essential oils can be very beneficial.

The diet restrictions needn’t be the same for everyone. It was explained that some people have a sensitivity to them and withdrawing them all for a period then a reintroduction of different items can help identify if there is a sensitivity with you. By having the sauerkraut etc you will be trying to alter the gut bacteria. It’s said that the health of our guts is a key part of our immune system. If there is an imbalance in our gut bacteria, too much bad bacteria to good stuff, it leads to inflammation and ‘leaky gut’ where eg gluten molecules can pass through the lining into our blood. Antibodies are produced. Some of these antibodies can then latch on to similar shaped molecules that interact with other chemical pathways causing more inflammation. Hopefully once the gut is repaired we will be able to enjoy the odd food that taking a lot of now causes pain and problems! Well I live in hope!