Cardinals blogs the future of kickoffs symptoms of a concussion in child

One of the things on the owners’ agenda during their current meeting in Atlanta are — again — tweaks to the kickoffs. The idea, of course, is to try and make the play a little safer, given that the rate of concussions on kickoffs remains considerably higher than any other part of the game. Most of the changes won’t be in-your-face. The wedge, which was already pared down from a handful of players once upon a time to just two, will likely be eliminated entirely (meaning only one-on-one blocks.) That’d be a win for the coverage team. Eight of the 11 return men would also have to be within 15 yards of the ball, creating a big hole beyond those players. More chances for mortar onsides kicks, perhaps?

The kickoff is a play that will constantly be evolving in the name of safety. There is no guarantee it won’t be eliminated for that reason somewhere down the road.

That would bring a bunch of new questions — without kickoffs, rosters would most certainly be constructed somewhat differently. But for now, there will be more change, and then more evaluation.

ALL sports are dangerous and professional athletes understand the risks when they pursue a professional career. I have to agree with Creditcard, that learning proper technique should be more of a focus than it is, rather than pouring millions into more sophisticated equipment and changing the game, trying to adjust external factors to make up for fundamental deficiencies, i.e. changing the game to produce a more profitable outcome. Some players have long and iconic careers with few injuries because they educate themselves on technique and take personal responsibility for living healthy live styles during the off season as well as while they are playing/training for the regular season (Tony Gonzalez, Larry Fitz, Jason Witten, etc)

I recently saw another commenter muse about the “leather helmet days”,jokingly posing the question of whether we would be seeing as many head injuries and issues with players leading with their head if they had not been given a modern day helmet for a weapon. I had to chuckle as there is always a downside to every “solution” in the NFL and often times it seems that a lot of time and money gets spent on finding ways to basically just stack the odds in favor of the house.

Changing the game, allowing politics into sports, are things nobody wants and will drive away most fans faster than anything. The Owners care only about their bottom line and most have never played any sport in their lives, have no first hand knowledge of what really goes on, and do not, apparently, listen to or respect information given to them by the men in the trenches.

Interesting that you would choose to announce via an outside source that as of June 1, there will be no more comment section and the message board as we now know it will cease to exist. I have to wonder if this is true and if so, if the Organization is wanting to distance itself from some of the fan feedback that may have been perceived as criticisms/flack.

Like many other people, I get tons of junk emails everyday so when scanning my email, I often trash anything that has the appearance of junk, selectively reading only email from sources I recognize. Your announcement of the phasing out of the message board initially ended in my trash as it came from and was directed to “” (has the appearance of some sort of creditcard ad). Is this legit? The message was signed from Darren Urban, Senior manager,website/Senior writer

In the email message you(allegedly) stated that this message board had aged and that the new message board would be accessed through Facebook or Twitter or members could set up accounts with or they could make posts at an unofficial Cardinals Message Board by visiting: (As you probably know there are other Cardinal sites out there and this seems rather curious and suspicious)

I personally have found your blog to be one of the best in the NFL as it has allowed for fan feedback and exchange, allowing many fans to feel more connected to the organization and other members of the fan base at large, so I do hope that this entire email announcement is bogus.

Can you please clarify the legitimacy of this change and perhaps post the email here where the blog readers and fans will see it. As it turns out, it went to my automatic spam as junk and was called to my attention by a Saints fan friend who received the email and called me with questions. I have to say, it didn’t sound like something that would come from you or the Cardinal Organization, my belief being that anything legit would have come in the form of a post on your blog.