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You can count on Care Cart to deliver excellent abandoned cart recovery functionality to your store. The new technology and clean design will ease your cart worries to let you focus on bigger matters with the automated 3 levels of e-mails to an abandoning potential customer.

Since you’re here, you probably already know what an abandoned cart is. But in case you’ve forgotten, abandoned carts are a nuisance which are created when a potential customer (a) goes to your store, (b) adds products he / she likes to their cart, and (c) abandons them because they probably found something better, had to run an errand, or was shocked with the accumulated charges.

Abandoned carts can cause a shocking amount of damage to your business, so it’s imperative that you recover those carts through a clean and elegant manner, while respecting your customer and inviting them with counter-offers through structured e-mails.

An e-mail based recovery system is entirely in your control; you control the content being sent, and you control when and how it is being sent. Plus, giving a personalized offer to particular customers can give you a significant edge over those who rely on generic responses and pop-ups

Care Cart is a simple, robust and reliable abandoned cart recovery system that converts your Shopify store’s lost revenue by tracking all abandoned cart orders and retargeting them through automated drip emails. CareCart also collects e-mails from anonymous visitors and notify incomplete checkouts while toggling on other tabs

Care Cart lets you track and retarget every abandoned cart user and bring them back to the checkout page. With the time triggered email drip, Care Cart send email notifications to abandoned shoppers and re-direct them from where they left off.

Care Cart strives to bring you better, simpler, and more robust solutions. Our focus is ALWAYS on our users, and our user’s customers. Your success is our success, and that is why we are and will continue to deliver ONLY the best cart care solutions to you.

Care Cart is affordable (FREE core e-mail push solution, beat that!) and reliable. Our rock solid system ensures that your e-mails are delivered on time and in the most elegant way. We have over a decade of experience in the e-commerce industry, so we KNOW what we do… and we build on and improve what we do every day.

We are focused on delivering reliable and high quality Shopify apps to help businesses grow. Our experience in the ecommerce industry spans more than a decade, which reflects in what we do and how we do it. Our vision is to develop valuable Shopify apps like Care Cart that help businesses achieve excellence through smart apps, intelligent automation and unparalleled support.

And that’s not it. We have a vision to develop Care Cart into a complete solution so you don’t have to install and manage multiple apps. With your valuable feedback you can help grow and refine the product and eventually help your business succeed.

You have control over the content of the header / sub-header, the banner image, click-to-action button, e-mail footer, and message editing options. You cannot however at this stage change how the products in the cart will be displayed, and is functionality targeted for a future update.