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11 Reasons to avoid sugary drinks – 10 reasons to quit soft drinks

This is not the first time you are warned about sugary drinks. For some, sugary drinks are an occasional interest when their temptation rises; while for others, they are a daily addiction. With the hot sun mercilessly sucking out the

10 Vehicles that go from 0 – 60 in under 2 seconds

Unless the runs were verified either under sanctioned competition or by an automotive magazine know to have the test equipment required to accurately measure the performance, we passed over those references. We have included a few entries just for fun

Characters – official streets of rogue wiki

Characters are the living entities that populate the game world including players and NPCs. Playable characters, as the name implies, are characters that players can play as and are chosen at the beginning of the game. Some characters must be

Wednesday hellos!

Today it becomes legal in Canada. I don’t think that I will contribute to this economy, but I am more concerned with the effects and the possible decline in safe driving and other social implications. Joy, I know that policy

Use of force questioned in recording of akron officer repeatedly punching man – news – record-courier – kent, oh

Patrick E. King, who neighbors say lives around the corner from where the incident occurred, was taken away by ambulance after an officer punched him at least 30 times in the back during an arrest involving at least 10 Akron

The importance of monitoring blood-glucose levels brunet

Diabetes is a chronic disease that affects the way the body treats glucose (sugar) in the blood. In the case of type 1 diabetes, the pancreas cannot produce insulin, a hormone that allows the body’s cells to use glucose and

Diabetic diagnostics screen and monitor to detect and regulate

Diabetes is a prevalent chronic metabolic disease, and according to the American Diabetes Association, nearly 10 percent of the American population has this condition. Roughly 1.5 million new cases of diabetes are diagnosed in the United States each year, but

Recipe bastila (morocco) bastila a grand moroccan pigeon pie

Bastila (sometimes transliterated as bisteeya) is a huge pigeon pie traditional in Fez, and found in Morocco. One Moroccan cookbook starts a recipe for bastila with the instruction that one must have a dada come to the house to prepare

12 Ways to balance blood sugar, a holistic nutritionist explains hello glow

Do you regularly experience food cravings, mood swings, irritability or fatigue? If so, you may have a blood sugar imbalance. According to the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 1/3 of Americans are at imminent risk of becoming

Emf solutions canada

The huge increase in electromagnetic energy in today’s modern electronic-charged environment coincides with an alarming increase in new-age ailments such as chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic pain, tinnitus, depression, hormone dysfunction, Alzheimer’s disease and leukemia, and with a huge spike in

Positive health online article – history of oxygen therapies

The use of various forms of oxygen in medicine is by no means a new one. As far back as 1896 Nikola Tesla, the Croatian electrical engineer and inventor, patented an ozone generator[1] and many doctors achieved excellent treatment results

Artificial sweeteners are making you fat – scottsdale center for women’s health

The average American consumes a staggering 24 lbs. of artificial sweeteners per year in an effort to reduce calories, lose weight, and rid belly fat. The common belief that artificially sweetened foods and beverages will help you lose weight is

Shorelines shorelines – life and science at the smithsonian environmental research center

The United States may be officially pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement, but scientists are still brainstorming ways the country could meet its original goals. Mother Nature can lend a far more powerful hand than we thought, if given

What is the role of steroids in septic shock the hospitalist

• Low-dose hydrocortisone should be added to the treatment regimen for patients with septic shock that is unresponsive to IV fluids and vasopressor therapy. The recommended dose is 50 mg IV every six hours, or 100 mg IV bolus followed

Welcome state of new jersey employees and retirees (shbp and sehbp members)

If you have any questions after listening to this presentation, please do not hesitate to call Aetna’s dedicated member service line at 1-866-234-3129. I will also give you this number again at the end of the presentation in case you

14 Amazing herbs that lower blood sugar sepalika

We live in a world where prescription medicine is getting more and more expensive as well as controversial. Alternative medicine is gaining momentum and with good reason! The same is true for treatments for diabetes type 2. You have therapies

Sugar smiles cycling in the south bay

Hummingbirds basically enhance everything. When you are eating dinner and you look out the window, there are 20 or 30 hummingbirds buzzing around the feeder. When you get up in the morning and drink coffee, there are 20 or 30

50 Fancy dress ideas for kids

Fancy dress is one of the most exciting things for young ones. They love to dress apart and resemble their favorite animal, fruit or any cartoon character. All schools host fancy dress competitions once in a while to amuse these