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Ask oin how it intends to deal with microsoft proxies such as patent trolls techrights

Summary: OIN continues to miss the key point (or intentionally avoid speaking about it); Microsoft is still selling ‘protection’ from the very same patent trolls that it is funding, arming, and sometimes even instructing (who to pass patents to and

Nascar chase elliott opens up about short tracks, playoff strategy and rick hendrick

Question: I saw the spot you did with Kelley Blue Book about consumer confidence and being confident in car buying. At 22 years old and fresh into your career, what gives you confidence on the track? How are you able to

Life living with lupus and a traumatic brain injury

I looked down at my feet dangling from the table. My jeweled aqua blue flip flops and the bright pink of my pedicure contrasted so vividly with my summer tan. My doctor continued to speak, but to me her words

The ultimate skincare routine for your 30s

As you say goodbye to your 20s and enter your self-assured 30s, life can feel like a flurry of work commitments, weddings, and baby showers. The last thing you need to be worrying about is your skin or how great it’s

Huawei hisilicon kirin 980 more than a year behind apple’s a12 bionic in performance – iphone discussions on appleinsider forums

Apple’s introduction of new iPhones this fall included the announcement of its new A12 Bionic chip, with significant CPU and GPU core advancements, as well as a major advancements of its Neural Engine NPU and Image Signal Processor, a faster

Bringing back playtime stick out your tongue

There is a lot to be said about how structure and routine serve us. We have clean teeth, pay the bills, keep our jobs, have meals to enjoy, and have tidy houses due to adhering to routines. In the quest

What you need to know before you pull that head off

A few weeks ago, I wrote about buying a 1987 BMW 535i sight-unseen in Tampa, and how, when it arrived, the combination of valvetrain noise and rough running led to the discovery of a broken rocker arm. The action required

Planes the pursuit of dark discover

There were sirens and flashing lights and men and women in heat-retardant gear standing and walking and half-running up and down the street. All the town’s fire engines must have been there. Every neighbour huddled and watched the firefighters at

My 10 digital workplace predictions for 2019 – digital workplace group

Before I get into my 2019 predictions, let’s start with a hopefully illuminating story from 1995 at a GlaxoSmithKline (then SmithKline Beecham) executive office in West London. I was demoing an early “interactive CD” about how to take Aquafresh toothpaste

Liver cancer with cirrhosis and hep c growth regeneration factors milkthistle topic nabibbest

Just like belly fat flabby arms or double chin fat you need to lose weight all over your body with 1 of these fast weight loss plans to lose inner thigh fat because even if you did the world’s best

Making a stand gallery magazine jersey

W ith elections coming up in October, Gallery couldn’t help wondering, what makes someone stand for the role of senator? One of the candidates, Lyndon Farnham spoke to us about his reasons for returning to politics, his policies and why

Laura’s miscellaneous musings

As has become tradition — and a ratings juggernaut — Hallmark is now showing Christmas movies ’round the clock for the next several weeks. A Hallmark Christmas film I’ve just discovered and thoroughly enjoyed is LOVE YOU LIKE CHRISTMAS (2016),

Inner ear vertigo

Inner Ear Vertigo refers to an abnormal sensation wherein the individual constantly feels that things around him are moving. This feeling of constant motion hampers their balance and makes them unsteady. Individuals combating vertigo often feel that things are tilted

Ear plastic surgery

Fortunately, they can now turn to ear plastic surgery or corrective surgery to correct the condition. The surgery is often referred to as ‘pinning the ears’ as the ears are usually set back closer to the head to correct prominent

Fmc acquires turner white communications – frontline medical communications

Parsippany, NJ – July 31, 2017 – Frontline Medical Communications (FMC) is proud to announce the acquisition of all print and digital Turner White properties including the Journal of Clinical Outcomes Management® (JCOM®), Hospital Physician®, Hospital Physician® Board Review Manuals, interactive

Thinkom eyes near-term commercial airline launch of ka-band antenna – runway girlrunway girl

ThinKom, meanwhile, has made some tweaks to its Ku3030 antenna hardware to support Gogo’s efforts to fully remedy the moisture issue, which saw deicing fluid and cleaning fluid degrade antenna performance, and require some outright replacements. The firm has been

Inside trick dog’s spinoff, serving retro vibes and creative cocktails – eater sf

But, like the persona invented by BV Hospitality founders Josh Harris and Morgan Schick, Bon Voyage is up for anything. They even created a persona for the bar: a word traveler exploring Southeast Asia and Africa in the 1950s, collecting

A trip down memory lane the hunter legacy

I’ve listed my five moments below, in order from least to most favourite. For the record, it was super hard to narrow it down to just five. All of the top five are from Gen 3, because it has the