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The labrum is the cup-shaped rim of cartilage that lines and reinforces the ball and socket joint of the shoulder, which is comprised of the glenoid – the shallow shoulder socket – and the head, or ball, of the upper

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Arthroscopic surgery is a technique that orthopedic surgeons use to diagnose and repair structural damage within a joint. Shoulder surgery recovery timeline The surgeon makes 3 or 4 small incisions around the joint, about ½ inch each. Complications of total

Hip fractures

Hip fractures are typical in the aging population. Post op hip replacement exercises Although the majority of patients who break a hip eventually recover most of their ability to function, a broken hip in an older patient can mean a

Hip replacement dislocation_ symptoms and treatment

Hip replacement surgery has been a successful treatment for many people suffering from hip injuries or painful conditions such as arthritis. Exercises to avoid after hip replacement After surgery, patients can often return to activities like walking, swimming, biking, and

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Impingement is mechanical compression of the rotator cuff against the acromion bone. Shoulder bone spur surgery recovery time This condition may occur with or without the development of a rotator cuff tear. Total hip replacement surgery recovery time Compression is

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The shoulder is a very complex piece of machinery. Hip labral tear surgery recovery Its elegant design gives the shoulder joint great range of motion, but not much stability. Dog hip dysplasia surgery cost As long as all the parts

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Hip dysplasia in dogs is essentially a deformity of the hip joint, a form of arthritis that affects generally large breeds of dogs. Hip labral tear surgery recovery It an abnormal growth or development of the ball and socket joint

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I have had both of my hips replaced in two separate surgeries. Labral tear hip surgery recovery Although I worried a lot about whether I would have pain, I was surprised to find that the old arthritis pain was gone

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The River Road route next to the Hudson River (just under the George Washington Bridge) is a popular ride for cyclists seeking a hill climbing workout near New York City. Peter C. Shoulder surgery recovery timeline is an avid cyclist

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1. Exercises after hip replacement 6 months Purpose of operation. Hip fracture surgery The primary purpose of this procedure is relief of pain. Hip replacement surgery youtube Secondary purpose of this procedure is to enhance walking ability. Hip dysplasia surgery

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In Honolulu, pet hip surgery has given back years of life to many happy dogs, cats, and other animals in need. Hip dysplasia surgery With advanced modern veterinary science it is possible to vastly improve the quality of your pets

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Since orthopedic surgeons began using a tiny TV camera called an arthroscope to diagnose and treat shoulder problems, they have discovered several conditions that no one knew existed. Hip dysplasia surgery recovery time One of these conditions is an injury

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Meniscus tears can be treated by meniscus removal (meniscectomy), meniscus repair, or in unusual circumstances, meniscus replacement. Hip labrum surgery recovery time Since the goal of surgery is to preserve healthy meniscus, meniscus repair is attempted when the tear is

Knee fractures

A knee fracture typically causes pain, tenderness, bruising, swelling and some deformity of the knee joint. Labral tear hip surgery recovery time You may experience tenderness of the knee bone (patella, femur or tibia) and inability to move the knee

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The labrum is a type of cartilage that surrounds and covers the rim of the hip socket (known as the acetabulum). Shoulder surgery recovery timeline The labrum exists to provide stability to the hip joint and creates a seal to

Getting back to normal walking patterns after hip surgery

In this study, researchers from the Gait and Posture Lab at the University of Montreal in Canada compare walking patterns between patients who had a total hip replacement versus a surface replacement arthroplasty. Total hip replacement surgery recovery time An

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This is a condition that has been recognised and understood only relatively recently. Risks of hip replacement This has arisen from the observation that some patients, usually males, develop early arthritis in their hips because their hips have a somewhat

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I got the surgery on Aug 4 2007 to repair a front and rear side larbum tear also had a large cyst that had to be cut out and then the labrum stitched back together. Dog hip dysplasia surgery cost