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10 Amazing uses of virtual reality

Virtual Reality (VR) holds a huge potential to transform how people and businesses interact with each other as well as the surroundings. Previously VR was generally associated only with the gaming industry. Now it’s on fire with new opportunities for

Pulmonary stenosis

Congenital pulmonary stenosis occurs due to improper development of the pulmonary valve in the first 8 weeks of fetal growth. It can be caused by a number of factors, though most of the time this heart defect occurs by chance, with

Ntuc foodfare ceo sehcs remain an affordable option for hawkers

For example, to offer food at low prices like the NTUC breakfast set ($1.80 for members, and $2.20 for public). Our cup of coffee or tea also go for as low as $0.60. All these things require funding, and we

Learning about acls certification in nursing what is it, do i need it, and why

This instructional course for Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support includes teacher-led lectures, videos and discussion time as well as hands-on practice of a variety of life-threatening algorithms on a mannequin. The entire class is far more advanced than a BLS course

Catching nazis with sugar candy joshua jacob shore the blogs

After an hour of unpacking, my roommate was still a no show. I gave up waiting and went exploring, taking in everything this new environment had to offer. I talked to fellow freshmen, to the RA’s (student counselors) and to

Why we should talk to comatose patients nrl news today

As I have related before, back in the early 1970s when I was a new ICU nurse, I was teased for talking to comatose patients. I was even asked if I talked to my refrigerator. I explained that if hearing

Blog – lj star

For pharmaceutical and biotech companies, maintaining sterile process control is an ever-increasing challenge – one that can lead to cross-contamination, short term loss of product, long term drug shortages, lawsuits and even loss of life should sterile process be breached.

Vicoden, steroids and muscle relaxants did not impact my pain – gould chiropractic wellness center

It is amazing to me the progress that I have made since I started seeing you in May. What started out as a little back pain in March, ended up being a lot more than anyone expected. Three weeks into

20+ Foods that make dogs sick

Chocolate: Chocolate can cause seizures, coma and death. Baker’s chocolate is the most dangerous. Your dog might be able to consume milk chocolate and appear to be fine because it is not as concentrated, but it is still dangerous. (Napa

World stroke day 2018 heart of gold

I was born with an abnormal heart valve. We were told a couple of years ago that I would need a replacement. Two weeks before my first surgery February 12, 2009, I experienced shortness of breath, I knew something didn’t

Heartflow case study – amazon web services (aws)

Cardiovascular disease is the world’s leading cause of death, taking more than 17 million lives each year. The most common type is coronary artery disease (CAD), which reduces blood flow to the heart, causing chest pain, heart attack, and death.

Burning sensation in lungs and shortness of breath chest remedies cough deep – erpseh christophburmeister

Learn more about Pancoast Tumor Symptoms at Signs & Symptoms even though these tumors are a type of lung cancer. After death a sequence of changes naturally in the lungs which appear 1-2 hours before death. Burning Sensation In

5 Ways your critiques of psychiatry might be ableist – everyday feminism

In the last year alone, I’ve been institutionalized twice. I’ve been on more psychotropic medications than I could possibly count. I’ve been diagnosed with at least half the disorders in the DSM at some point or another. I’ve had some

Vanessa rohlf

My dear dog Velvet experiences anxiety so I can very much appreciate the stress experienced by those who live with anxious or reactive animals and the challenges associated with managing these conditions. I, therefore, thought I’d take this opportunity to

The meeting tree (chapter 2) d. m. ott

The chilled air on the bank was nothing like that flowing over the river. I already felt my cheeks biting with cold and wished I’d worn a facemask. I knew I wouldn’t be able to stay in the forest long,

Health hazards caused by air pollution in india! – airconcept

Air; a necessity for human beings to exist, a ray of life and ray of healthy future, is it? Air is a natural resource which was a boon for the human race provided in a huge quantity with a level

Valiant knock knock…the bell tolls…the day ceres came to earth… spirit train chronicles

This story is powerful. Thank you Bill for telling it, for knowing it is time to share it again. It is a story for all ages….for all worlds…..timeless in both wisdom and love. Love of a Mother. What a gift

Biles fights through kidney stone at world championships my connection from cox

One that turns each performance into a thrill ride of its own. Smiling through each twist, flip and turn, the 21-year-old Biles was nearly flawless during qualifying on Saturday, posting the highest scores on balance beam, floor exercise and vault