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The lazy photographer just take the damn picture already!

I snapped this during my last Pedestrian Sunday outing at Kensington Market. It was a shot from my day of talking to strangers I’d normally not bother with. My experience is when you come across a group of street people

Exposing for shadows without lr adjustment photography forums

My first post on here, reason i’m posting in this category is because I’m mostly a hobbyist automotive photographer but have done some paid shoots and I don’t know what automotive photography falls under in the practice and technique forum

Marijuana regulation in airports from ticketing to the no-high zone

Another aspect to consider is the regulation of marijuana at our nation’s airports. The federal government, which considers marijuana a Schedule 1 substance without any accepted medical use, oversees the aviation industry and regulates the secure areas of airports. All

Brain injury alliance of nebraska prevention, advocacy, education

My story is about a guy named Richard. His friends call him Rich. He is 68 years old, retired and living in a quiet neighborhood in west Omaha. He’s married and has been for 45 years. Rich has a college

The walking dead season 9, episode 3 review warning signs

When it is clear that Justin was not killed by a zombie, the Saviors seek revenge. Alden, as a former Savior, attempts to broker peace and gets clocked in the face by Jed for his troubles. The showdown is about

Sawyer decision makes fair haven uneasy news

FAIR HAVEN — A Vermont Supreme Court hearing making former Fair Haven Union High School student Jack Sawyer potentially eligible for bail and release has made residents uneasy and mobilized local schools and law enforcement. "The mood definitely feels different

Hypo-what no hands but ours

Two years after our first adoption, a three-year old waiting boy from China, I began searching the lists for the little girl that would complete our family. In my mind, she would be two or three years old, with a

123 Essay us topics for high school students pdf

100 college essay heading example example mathematics 150 words essay on raksha bandhan film in hindi in 500mb download 2 page essay questions nbcc top 100 ideas for research paper topics 2018 lawsuit 100 college essay you want to attend

Photo essay staring into the past in the midst of hurricane destruction –

With a group of student reporters from the University of Mississippi, I stand at a marina jammed with half-submerged sailboats, trying to feel the Florida where I was raised. One student, Madison, who went to high school in Jacksonville, says

Tackling high school football head injuries in ventura county

The football officials gathered in a cluttered locker room office an hour before kickoff and reviewed their plan for a high school game between Buena and Oxnard. They agreed that if a player receiving a kick tilts his head skyward and doesn’t

The 10 best muay thai gloves in 2018 – muay thai citizen

Updated 15th Mar 2018: It’s time yet again to revisit the annual search for the best Muay Thai gloves. New models have been introduced, while some brands choose to retain their existing line-up (if it ain’t broke don’t fix it).

Dodgers offseason 2018 a look at the dodgers’ catching options – true blue la

The Dodgers catching situation is one of the biggest question marks this offseason. They sent Yasmani Grandal a $17.9 million qualifying offer last week, and he has until November 12 to accept or reject the qualifying offer and test free

Self-care managing seasonal depression – raf

Basically, as the weather turns cold, the days turn shorter and it gets colder, darker and wetter outside some people find it hard to get up in the morning, they get negative, depressive feelings. If a person already has depression,

School events archive –

The purpose of Indiana’s Educating the Whole Child Summit will be to share learnings and progress from across Indiana on how districts and their community partners are building the capacity to address the development of the whole child (e.g., social,

With free brain tumor screening, the road to early detection may be filled with potholes –

The visit appears to be the foundation’s second stop on its current “sponsor-a-city” campaign. Earlier this year, the campaign visited Saratoga Springs, New York. Some l ocal journalists enthusiastically covered the screening events (examples here, here and here), but they

Best nfl spread picks – week 8 the sports daily

Chaos spreads across the NFL as the Philadelphia Eagles ceded first place in the NFC East to Washington because of a missed field goal. After an 0-3 start to the season, the Houston Texans won four in a row to

Terowong angin dan laser membekalkan lantai pembuktian hipersonik di sandia national laboratories – breaking news, cnn, bbc,

Ada bunyi mendengung udara, kemudian gemuruh yang diterima pakai dengan cara {yang elektrik} hum. Ia berlangsung kira-kira 45 saat kerana udara bertiup ke terowong untuk vakum pada kelajuan Mach 5, lapan atau 14, bergantung kepada tetapan tekanan. Mach Five muncung

Documentaries select videos on and off the chemtrail topic – the chemtrail atrocity right here in greater geelong 2018

"What in the World are They Spraying?" a ground-breaking documentary co-produced by journalist and political activist Michael J. Murphy. By now everyone has seen crisscrossing streaks of white clouds trailing behind jet aircraft, stretching from horizon to horizon, eventually turning