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I hope this doesn’t awaken anything in me… this is such a fantastic question, and a really…

This is such a fantastic question, and a really important one for those planning to write anything regarding [redacted] when the final season drops. I really encourage people feeling upset about the leaks to channel that into writing well-constructed arguments/essays/op eds

Siris kant on our duty to animals

Since animals are an analogue of humanity, we observe duties to mankind when we observe them as analogues to this, and thus cultivate our duties to humanity. If a dog, for example, has served his master long and faithfully, that

Three key concepts for improving hospital discharges carecentrix

Most hospital discharge processes can be improved, as evidenced by readmission rates that remain too high, which are the result of confusion many patients and families face after leaving the hospital. Three relatively simple ideas can reshape the hospital discharge

Questrade review

Questrade, a member of IIROC and CIPFA, is a Canadian online broker founded in 1999 with over $8 billion in assets under administration (AUM) as of Q3 2018. Questrade is available to all residents of Canada, and charges equity traders

10 Types of vases for flowers – fiftyflowers the blog

Mason jars are budget-friendly and readily available in a few different sizes. They can be used in a variety of different ways and can fit into different themes too. Mason jars are great for vintage and rustic settings and the

Crime and courts record voter turnout — we can do better opinion

For one thing, millions of citizens are not allowed to vote simply because they once served time in prison. That number can be traced to our get-tough-on-crime era that resulted in the U.S. incarcerating a larger share of its population

How the lmj injury affects luhnow’s mindset – the crawfish boxes

We’ve known since the spring that Keuchel and Morton were in their walk years. Both posted impressive seasons and both are free agents. We also knew that Lance McCullers would always be a CY Young dark horse, as long as

Data privacy statement wombats hostels!

We, wombat’s CITY HOSTELS (Wombats Holding GmbH, Nikolsdorfergasse 7-11 / 16, 1050 Vienna), welcome your visit to our website. In order to constantly improve the attractiveness of our website for you, we continuously optimize functions and services of the site.

Paul stanley slams the haters as rock icons kiss vow to go out on top kiss asylum

“The first farewell tour was almost 19 years ago,” Stanley says. “Cynics be damned. Those people will always find something to say. That (reformed) line-up of the band was dysfunctional. People in the band weren’t showing respect to the fans

Ppu registers – nesdev wiki

When bit 6 of PPUCTRL is clear (the usual case), the PPU gets the palette index for the background color from the EXT pins. The stock NES grounds these pins, making palette index 0 the background color as expected. A

Bill belichick takes trip back to 80s in film breakdown of patriots win vs chiefs – pats pulpit

After every New England Patriots win, head coach Bill Belichick joins radio color commentator and ex-Patriots quarterback Scott Zolak for a film breakdown of the action. This week, the duo took a look at four pivotal plays from the team’s

1988 Buick v6 to t90 –

What Jeep are you putting it into? If like my 1970 CJ6 that has the "Dauntless" 225 odd fire v6 from the factory then you can mate the motor and tranny right up as they both have the GM bolt

Vote no on questions 4 and 5 revere journal

But inasmuch as they only needed 200 signatures each in Winthrop and Revere in order to place these questions on our ballots, it is obvious that they are not really serious about what they are doing, but rather are doing

How dimuth karunaratne uses other players to get ahead the cricket monthly espn cricinfo

D imuth Karunaratne is a nerd. This is probably not how he would describe himself. Perhaps he has never been accused of being a nerd before. But get past the fact that he is a successful sportsman. Forget the jock

Facilities aerospace engineering

The Closed Circuit Subsonic Wind Tunnel has a 36" by 51" test section and a maximum speed of 200 mph. This tunnel is equipped with a six-component strain-gauged balance and computerized data acquisition system. Flow visualization techniques include a laser

Despite losing to clemson, nc state can make history if they refocus – pack insider

NC State still has the chance to finish with the most wins in a single season in school history. Philip Rivers led the Wolfpack to an 11-win season back in 2002, setting a new school record for wins in a

Jovany and eva

There is nothing more unwelcoming than stares, especially when they are asserting you do not belong. Going out for Jovany and Eva has been more of an issue than Jovany’s fear of crowds. They decided it was less uncomfortable for

Who you gonna call if you have problems voting 866-our-vote

So as we’re all aware, in many states across the country, people are already voting either through absentee or mail-in or in states like my home, the Lone Star State, through in-person early voting. Its probably a relatively safe bet