Celebrating! – inspire gastritis and chest pain

In answer to your question: No, I was not presented any choices. My Onchologist advised me that 4 adjuvant chemo treatments would be necessary inspite of the fact that my thoracic surgeon took everything beyond a reason of a doubt out, to including the lymph nodes, leaving like I said, only the lower third of my right lung.

Surgery was 03/17/15 — St. Patrick’s Day! I went with the Luck of the Irish ( even tho I am not) after my 1st original surgery date had to be changed. Chemo treatments started in May, and were to actually be 4. They were Altima + whatever that shot is that begins with an N — can’t remember. I was braced for the 1st treatment with hired caregivers in place at my home especially for 3rd shift (in which living alone, I was sure would be my worst sick moments in the wee hours).

After 1st treatment, I thought hmmmm, not so bad…kinda sailed thru it…if there is such a thing with cancer! Followed Dr.’s orders to the letter re: drinking mega water 3+ liters/day, folic acid supplements, the anti-nausea meds. Very fortunate in the end — Never really vomited, although hair thinned, never lost it (I’m an ex-cosmetologist, so when I asked the Doc if I was going to loose my hair and he shock his head yes; then the tears rolled in his office.) — more than the idea of everything else! — I think I was in shock of course, ‘cuz A.) I didn’t expect chemo after surgeon got everything B.) thought that surely adjuvant chemo was oral — yeah, right. Anyway, each treatment got progressively worse, and after the third, I had not thrown up significantly, but I was so sickly constipated beyond belief from the anti-nausea meds — I thought how can this be good — more toxic [than probably necessary]. It was an internal intuition gut feeling of knowing your own body, and all things considered. Against my family’s wishes everybody else; I made the decision to take my chances call it off forego round 4. My family should not have a say anyway. It’s my body. I know it was their concern grief talking though. Going into it, per my Dr.; I knew that there were no guarantees the chemo would irradicate all evidence of cancer he gave me the standard percentage stats, ect. When I informed him of my decision to forego the final treatment, he may have at least of course asked why before honoring it. I asked him to repeat those initial stats to me, and he reiterated that this is the standard he is advised to advise/along with accompanying stats. The word standard got my attention more this 2nd time around particularly in regard to the percentage stats. I then said this will just have to be good enough and that I felt the chemo was doing more harm than good. All things considered in my circumstance, I felt in my heart of hearts pretty confident in what the excellent surgeon had done. It was never suppose to be that much removed. Ahead of surgery I knew my spot was in a precarious place of the center of the right lung. After surgery, the surgeon explained it was on the vey top of the middle lobe — touching/going into the top lobe — so he took it all — both lobes lymphs to be safe. Inspire was a HUGE help on chemo tips on former site prior to this survivor site!!! When I arrived at the Center to start treatment, I was already way ahead of their education — which only further solidified what I had already learned on Inspire!