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This product taught me the exact lesson that not every product works for everybody. I was really hopeful for this. All the reviews were great, the youtube reviews seemed promising and it wasn’t THAT expensive for a customized formula with ingredients that only doctors could prescribe. before i signed up, my acne was not as bad as i thought it was at the time. i had a ton of closed comedones (my biggest concern) and like one or two cysts. my face was relatively clear and easy to cover up with makeup. so i signed up, put in all my info, sent my provider the pictures, and she prescribed me 4% azelaic acid/ 1% clindamycin/ .25% zinc pyrithione. my bottle soon got delivered and i started using it. i didn’t notice anything at first– but by 3 weeks, i had 3 HUGE cysts on the side of my face that i never get.

as the weeks kept progressing, more and MORE cysts spread all over my face– to the left side of my face where i had absolutely NO acne prior to this. They kept telling me i was purging, and stupid me believed them. but listen– if you’re getting painful, cystic acne, especially on the side of your face where u never break out, IT IS NOT!! PURGING! i wish i could have told myself this and stopped before it progressed into making my face a complete mess. I eventually got a new formula but decided, you know what. i’m done with this. curology has simple broken me. it’s ruined my face. no more purging. no more providers that give me half-assed answers and don’t care (except, i had one provider sub in for my main one– she was the SWEETEST. i wish i had her). i can’t even look at myself in the mirror anymore. yesterday was my last day as i couldn’t even get my school work done from how much i was crying because i realized how much this product ruined my skin. it might work for you, it might not. everyone’s skin is different. i have no idea what caused my reaction– maybe it was the sweet almond oil in their base. but just warning you– if you’re starting to break out with painful, inflamed, red cysts, and they tell you it’s because you’re purging, stop using it. see how much your skin improves. no purging should make your skin break out into cysts. i am going to schedule an appointment with a REAL dermatologists now. i’d rather wait a couple weeks for a free, insurance covered appointment than pay each month for a bottle that continuously makes my skin worse. i wish i could leave a good review. but i can’t. this product ruined every bit of self confidence i had. now i feel like i have to start allll over again from square one. this was the worst decision of my life, and i wish more people spoke up about their bad experiences.

Upon starting Curology I used this stuff exactly as I was advised. I’d apply this once every night, following the use of a gentle skin cleanser before moisturizing (if desired). (Both my cleanser and moisturizer were products I’ve used forever btw)! It wasn’t until the second week I noticed some changes in my skin. Needless to say they weren’t good. I began breaking out like never before. I’d wake up with 2-3 new breakouts every single day. This lasted for the next 3 weeks until my first bottle was used up and I received my second. I was aware that purging of the skin wasn’t uncommon for the first several weeks so I went another week using it this. I didn’t think my skin couldn’t get any worse but Curology proved me wrong on this one. I was breaking out in areas I never had before, my skin was so much more oily than before. Not to mention my breakouts were huge compared to my before tiny red spots. I emailed my provider about this and she said it was just a part of purging and to essentially wait it out. I couldn’t. I stopped before halfway through my second month. My skin being the absolute worst it’s ever been, I couldn’t “wait it out.” Instantly after stopping Curology I stopped waking up with all these breakouts, and my skin started to settle down. Now ofcourse its not perfect right now, but I think I’m going to take a more natural approach to my acne and give it a rest from all these products. Overall Curology isn’t for everyone. There is the possibility of my skin having the chance of clearing up after the so called purging, but after a month of this I couldn’t stand it any longer.

Curology has been a god send for me…. mind you, I’ve never had horrible acne, or cystic acne, but I still always seemed to have at least two or three on my face at all times. I also was a sun worshiper in my twenties, so I had pigmentation on my forehead which made me looks years older… about 5 months ago, my skin went completely insane… all on my jaw line I kept breaking out, and it wouldn’t stop… all of my normal products no longer worked. I spent about $600 on that whole fiasco, buying a Clarisonic, getting retinol creams, differin etc. nothing worked.. I saw a curology add on a YouTube video and I decided to give it try… after all the first month was $5…. their distribution center is in San Diego, and I am also in California, so my bottle came within three days. After a week of using this, my skin completely cleared up.. my sun spots were starting to fade… I haven’t looked back since. The bottle doesn’t last as long as they say, however I use three pumps instead of the recommended two to be fair. I know it won’t work for everyone, but it’s worth a shot with the free month you get… also, everyone keeps saying you get the same prescription as everyone else in the beginning.. that is just not true. My bottle came with .018% tretinoin, 8% azelaic acid, and then 4% clindamyacin. I really love this product, and I did purge the first month, but my pimples were so tiny, they came and left within a day. Any pimple I get now, which is very rare, is also very small, and disappears within a day or so…. I also use this in combination with tarte knockout during the day, and take supplements along with it.. in case anyone is wondering, I take zinc, evening primrose oil, omega 3’s, turmeric and reishi, and lysine.. skin is damn near perfect for being 33

I have been using Curology for almost two years ago and have seen a huge improvement in my skin. After years trying everything – salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, exfoliants, clay masks, cleansers running the spectrum from harsh to gentle, etc. – I finally found Curology. My skin is smoother, less oily, and much, much, less prone to breakouts on my forehead and chin, which were my main problem areas. I also had lots of hyperpigmentation that has faded significantly, and my skin’s tone is much less red in general. It’s true that it does take awhile for your skin to get better and, YES, your skin will get worse for a bit as it purges. I have seen people who have quit Curology after a week or a month saying it made their skin worse, but you absolutely have to be patient and let it work its magic. The bottle doesn’t necessarily last as long as they say it does (but I do usually use more than they say you should, to be fair!), but to me it’s still worth it 🙂 My provider is always helpful whenever I frantically message her about a skin problem I’m having.