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The titanic Khorkoi arrakis is commonly called a Death Worm by the locals, though I’m not certain that it is actually a worm. It shares some similarities to some segmented worms, namely the aquatic Eunice aphroditois, but it’s biology doesn’t seem consistent with other members of the annelid phylum.

Khorkoi spends most of its time burrowed beneath the desert sands, exploding to the surface only to devour its prey in a single bite. The only chance of surviving a Khorkoi attack is if its initial lunge misses, as it’s momentarily immobile afterwards. Theoretically, that could provide a brief opportunity to escape its territory. I wouldn’t count on such luck, though.

Based on research conducted by Helena, the Deathworm acts as a natural barrier to keep animals and humans inside the world which she speculated to be a space station posing as a real ecosystem.

The Island doesn’t have this problem due to it being surrounded by water, which the Scorched Earth world lacks. Additionally, the huge population of large predators living in a wasteland devoid of prey confirmed her previous hypothesis that her new environment was artificial.

Being a territorial creature, the Deathworm will attack any player who wanders too close to it. When mobile, the Deathworm will move just under the sand, appearing as a small, oscillating sand heap. A provoked, mobile Deathworm will chase players until out of range, and can be quite tenacious in their pursuit.

Once within range, the Deathworm will emerge from the ground to engage in melee combat. It will simply chain melee lunges and will only move while emerged to readjust its attack direction. If the prey attempts to escape, the Deathworm will simply return below the surface to re-enter its mobile phase and pursue the victim until the victim gets far out of range or is killed.

Using a Wyvern and a Rex, the Rex can draw the Deathworm out and while the Rex is attacking, the Wyvern can land and attack. If the Deathworm dives or begins to target the Wyvern, the Wyvern can fly away until the Deathworm is focused on the Rex again.

A rideable creature is very good to have, as going on foot could risk your life. A high level Rex can fight one Deathworm safely. Wyverns are also good for taking care of a Deathworm due to their high DPS, especially Lightning Wyverns. Just be careful, as Wyverns have a relatively low base health and no armor from a saddle, making them easier for the Deathworm to kill.

Deathworms could attack at any time. If you are traveling in the sand dunes along the outskirts of the map, you can sometimes see a sandheap moving around. If you’re not on the hunt for Deathworms, you should watch out. Alpha Deathworms are even bigger and stronger than the normal Deathworms. If you are using a large creature to take down a Deathworm, like a Rex or Rock Elemental, they may get stuck on each other, which will prevent your tame from escaping.

The Rock Elemental is resistant to all forms of damage except for armor piercing bullets and explosives. Along with its great offensive capabilities, it offers the best protection against a Deathworm. However, it is rather difficult to tame a Rock Elemental. It is recommended to either have 2 high level Elementals or 1-2 High Level Rex(es). Rexes seem to be the best way as they do more DPS than Rock Elementals.