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Just returned from what must have been at least our tenth stay. The building and setting remain superb of course. But cracks are appearing in the experience. Firstly it is understaffed. No barman present at 7pm….he was apparently in the restaurant which hadn’t yet opened. (Why does it not open until 7.30?). When he eventually appeared, he didn’t know how to make either of the cocktails we chose from the cocktail menu. He was very nice, but undertrained. Our dinner was probably the best ever, but on leaving the restaurant we were chased because the person on the desk wasn’t there to ask for a signature for the wine we had had. On departure there was no-one on reception, and when she eventually appeared she served others first. In all the years we have been staying here we have never recognised any member of staff from a previous visit.

The turnover must be very high. I wonder why? The room was perfectly adequate, and this time we declined an upgrade to a better room as it would have meant staying in the pavilion. We prefer the Chateau. Our experience is that an upgrade only means a dressing gown and slippers each. The captive liquid soap is a pain. Fine for basin or shower. Useless for a bath. This hotel needs more staff, better trained staff, and staff who want to stay. But it remains one of the nicest looking hotels in the area, and is useful for a shopping trip. We have long given up on going there and back in a day.

Our booking was for three nights at the Chateau which included dinner bed and breakfast. The hotel is approximately 25 minutes from Eurotunnel and the journey is very easy. Rooms are very large and the one assigned to my husband and myself had a double bed and also a single bed. The housekeeping side regarding the room proved to be disappointing in that there was a used toilet roll under one of the chairs and also a used pill packet. The following day after being out, we returned to find that the waste paper basket hadn’t been emptied, nor had the cups which had been used for coffee, been replaced or further supplies of milk left. As I hadn’t been responsible for the booking, I did not make any complaint. However the three evening meals were excellent and there was a good selection for breakfast. The Chateau is within easy reach of La Coupole which is a secret underground town constructed in 1943 by the German Army to go ahead with the launch of the V2. Rockets on London. It’s well worth a visit.

On a day trip to France to celebrate my mother in law’s 90th birthday. We had dinner for 6 people at 7:30pm here having previously booked. It’s pretty busy so booking highly recommended. The Chateau itself is very attractive, based down a countryside road with large grounds and a large car park, itself pretty full- a good sign. Can’t comment on the accommodation as we only visited the restaurant named Le Vert Mesnil. We ate from both the table d’hote menu at 35 euros and the a la carte menu. We found the service very typical of high quality restaurants – Head waiter, wine waiter and on this Tuesday evening plenty of well dressed and attentive staff. The fire was lit and contrary to what others found, I thought it was large roaring fire. We provided a birthday cake and the restaurant served it with lit candles then cut it into portions and served it up to us and boxed the remainder for us to take away. The food was excellent, in my view very good quality cooking and was beautifully presented. I also noticed but did not use an extensive cheese board with all of the cheeses labelled so perhaps they have improved in that area also compared to other comments. The restaurant was full to capacity on a Tuesday evening so they must be doing something right. Not cheap, but worth the money and the detour to visit. Highly recommended.

We stopped here twice, going and returning about two weeks apart. The room, a junior suite, was comfortable with bathroom and separate toilet and the bed was comfortable too. However the wifi did not extend to the room itself. It was necessary to go near reception or to the bar or restaurant to get coverage. On our second stay there was a problem in that we were told we could not eat in the restaurant until 8:30. Apparently when we booked (by email) someone had forgotten to ask at what time we wanted to eat. However, after some determined complaining at reception, where the receptionist’s good grasp of English suddenly left him, and his hurried discussion with the restaurant manager a place was found for us at 7.45. The restaurant was not full but perhaps they had a nominal cap on the number of diners according the available staff on duty. We did not notice a lack of service and it has to be said that the restaurant staff were charming. The food is good. I think we would stay here again.