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I ordered three kits of products from this company and was shocked to find out they’re charging me $7 for 8 items = $56. My total bill amounted to $299. I agree with all the negative comments about their customer service. 3 of the items were never opened, but their so-called customer service staff replied it will still apply and this to protect them from people returning empty bottles/jars and not charged anything. It certainly is NOT a money back guarantee, especially when you add in the cost of return shipping insurance to the $7 per items restocking fee. If according to health laws those returned items can’t be resold, why are they charging us to restock them. It’s truly a scam. I saw their ad in Allure Magazine in April 2011 and have written to Allure telling them they should consider not allowing this company to advertise in the future = but money talks and I’m sure this will have no effect.

I’m now holding my breath to see how long it takes them to credit my credit card. BTW, I checked the Better Business Bureau website and they rated this company an F (A-F scale), and they have complaints against them concerning slow refunds, non-delivery of order, and so called money back guarantee. They’re a bunch of crooks, at best!

What a scam most of those ‘positive’ comments are. Notice the thumbs up on the good reviews and thumbs down on the bad? Like all people would love a certain skin care cream and not one person have any problems with either the company, shipping, money back or the product itself. You can not give a thumbs down for somebodys negative experience, such as not getting their money back.. unless of course you work for Dermagist. Do you really think we’re all that dumb?

I am here without trying this stuff. Only researching a cream I just bought.. Natura Bisse. And in my research I came across a scam website This is where I found Dermajuv (Dermagist). A website supposedly trying out different neck creams. But wow, all reviews were done in march 2009. Nothing before, nothing after, comments switched off. So somebody is paying to keep this inactive website up.. hmm why would this be? Any thoughts Dermagist? And who was on the top claiming to be the best? Dermajuv (Dermagist) of course!! And what did they say about all the others?

DR BRANDT. V ZONE NECK CREAM: We are not going to advise away from this cream as we had a large percentage of our test consumers enjoy it, however in our professional opinion this should be passed over. There are plenty of other neck creams in the same price range that will provide a much higher level of ingredients with which to treat your problematic neck.

And the biggest give away of all about this scam website set up by Dermagist.. Every cream you click on to read the review, there is a lovely little link at the top for Dermagist. Go and have a look. Absolute scammers. Even if their creams worked, this is enough for me to say you don’t deserve my money.

If you want the fancy stuff (some with chemicals some without), my favorite is One of my parcels was 4 weeks late due to the Queensland floods, I called they arranged a replacement, even though I had nothing to send back yet. The original parcel came so it all worked out anyway, but my point is they have great customer service look after you. These 2 are the skincare websites I trust the most buy from time time again