Deuter aircontact lite 35 + 10 in-depth review from a lady adventurer! lower chest pain

Pros: This backpack is super adjustable. You can shift the torso settings to complement your body, and use the load lifters to make sure the weight-distribution is right. Plus the shape of the straps compliments the torso really well, preventing”digging” sensations.

Cons: The hip-pockets are surprisingly small. You can probably fit one candy bar in these compartments easily. I’m spoiled and have had the opportunity to wear a couple of backpacks with impressive storage compartments. My previous backpack ( Superior Wilderness Designs’ 35L) allowed me to stash my cell phone AND snacks in the same pocket. While I think you can certainly do without the extra space, you’ll probably end up taking more breaks on the trail to access food that’s in less-accessible pockets.

Additionally, it’s a little heavier than a lot of competing backpacks. Deuter Backpacks are notoriously meaty products.

Many long-distance backpackers air on the side of lightweight products to lessen the impacts on their joints. While this particular backpack isn’t quite ultralight, it is pretty light for a Deuter backpack and will carry heavy loads with grace.

Travel enthusiasts seem to think incredibly highly of this product. This Aircontact Lite 35 + 10L currently has reviews that are 4 stars or higher. Several gear junkies stated that the straps are really comfortable (there’s no “digging” sensation). And this pack can take a beating.

Women’s torsos tend to be a little shorter than men’s, and this Deuter backpack takes that into consideration. It’s pretty easy to customize it to fit your needs. And the straps have an ‘S’ shape to compliment the female build. Deuter did a great job with implementing adjustability into this backpack.

But I ordered a small backpack and found the hip belt to be larger than expected. I have to cinch it almost all the way down to the buckles, which leaves me with a ton of extra webbing. While the extra webbing isn’t really a manufacturing flaw, I’ll personally probably either cut them shorter or find a way to rig them out of my way. Because otherwise, they dangle down to my knees.

Before discovering Deuter Aircontact Lite, I always wore unisex backpacks. I figured that making “women’s specific” backpacks is just a marketing scheme. But I actually think that buying a women’s specific backpack makes a difference. While ultimately, your gear doesn’t generally determine whether or not you complete your expedition, it can certainly make your trip more comfortable.

I’ve been really impressed with the straps and torso on this backpack. And I’m pretty confident it’s due to the adjustments that Deuter makes for women. That said, you can certainly get away with a unisex backpack. But I’m pretty intrigued by the Aircontact Lite’s female-friendly features.

The weight distribution of this Deuter backpack is on point. Meaning you can carry a heavy load and barely notice a strain. That said, I personally feel like there’s a little too much padding. While the padding makes the backpack comfortable, it also adds to the overall weight that you have to carry.

A 3.4 lbs backpack is a little heavy compared to similar backpacking products. The above-average weight could be attributed to a number of things; Any time an engineer adds extra zippers, padding, compartments and buckles, you’re adding a noticeable amount of weight.

While the design makes for an easily-organized backpack, it also adds to the overall weight of the product. Some of these add-ons are detachable on this particular backpack. So you can strip it to make it a little bit lighter. But a heavier backpack usually means that it can take a beating.

The weight is only of concern if you’re intending to use it to hike long-distances with lightweight gear. This would be a really good option for winter camping because winter camp gear tends to be heavier, which means you need a reliable backpack to carry it all.

After a decent amount of testing in the Rockies, this backpack is still practically like new. Backpacks tend to see a lot of ware on the bottoms because we tend to set them down on the ground. After a substantial amount of testing, the Aircontact Lite shows nothing more than a slight discoloration on the fabric, which is totally normal.

The fabrics themselves are in awesome condition, and I suspect they’ll continue to impress me during their lifetimes. Deuter intentionally uses fabrics that deter snagging and tearing. Coupled with reliable stitching and overall great manufacturing, this backpack will undoubtedly have a long life.

I’d be cautious about this feature, however. I’ve dealt with a lot of products that claim to be water-resistant but they don’t hold up to that standard. So far, I don’t have any complaints about the resistance of the Aircontact Lite. But don’t wait until you’re on a long-trail to find out whether or not it’ll keep your gear bone-dry. And trusting this feature could get you into trouble pretty quickly in the backcountry.

While $249.99 isn’t exactly pocket change, it’s pretty much right in the middle of the backpacking market. Any time you’re looking to invest in a reliable travel backpack, you can expect to pay about $250. But this type of backpack will last you a long time too, so you’ll definitely get your money’s worth.

If you shop around a little bit, you’ll probably be able to find the Aircontact Lite 35 + 10L for as low as $190, which is a steal. You’ll be hard-pressed to find reliable products at such a low cost. If you’re looking to make a safe investment in a reliable backpack for yourself, the Aircontact Lite offers a really solid option.

My activity of choice is long-distance backpacking, which means my gear standards are pretty specific. Compared to similar products, the Aircontact Lite 35 + 10L has both positive and negative qualities. My summer gear is so light, that the weight is a con for me. If your base weight I 15lbs or lighter, there’s no reason to be carrying a 3.4lb backpack.

But I’d absolutely use this backpack for winter camping. The extra weight usually means that your backpack can carry beefy loads without issues. Winter camping involves heavier gear, which means that your setup will usually require a meaty backpack.

Additionally, a lot of people are interested in finding a reliable travel backpack. This product totally fits that description. The storage compartments allow you to make your belongings more accessible than traditional one-compartment backpacks.

After several multi-day expeditions, I’m overall pleased with this Deuter backpack. The fabrics are dependable, the weight distribution is perfect, and the build of the backpack allows you to shape it to your preference. While other backpacks are really difficult to pack, this Deuter backpack makes it easy. The multi-compartment build helps you pack this product by weight, which allows an efficient setup.

The length of the hip-belt webbing is a little longer than expected, but I really like the width of these straps. Rather than including two smaller hip-belt straps like a few competitive products, Deuter uses one larger strap. And I’ve found that the single strap is a lot easier to adjust.

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