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Hi. I was diagnosed with a brain lipoma (small benign—not cancerous—-fatty cyst-like tumor) when I was 12, I am now 22 and have been getting sick an incredible amount. For the past 2 weeks I have been in a constant state of fatigue, I could literally sleep all day with no problems. I have had a constant headache for about a week now with no relief from OTC medications. My eyes hurt and feel like they are straining/tugging when I look any direction but straight, and they are extremely sensitive to sunlight (even when I’m wearing sunglasses–sometimes I have to wear them inside if there are a lot of windows). My vision often gets blurry but that only lasts a few seconds on and off. I have been on medication for migraines since I was 12 (that’s how they found the lipoma–trying to figure out the cause of the migraines–but they are evidently unrelated) and I switched to topamax daily about a year ago and am STILL having the tingling and numbness sensation s/e in my feet and hands (mainly my feet–and sometimes it gets SO severe it’s actually painful).

Lastly, I have been having some chest pain and my pulse has been in the upper 120s-130s on and off for the past month. My last MRI about a year ago showed that the lipoma had grown a few cm (the first time in 10 years evidence of growth was shown)–and I was wondering if anyone knows what is going on based on my dx and symptoms?!

–i forgot to mention that I am also forgetting things a lot. The other day I forgot the gate code to my apartment I’ve been living in for a YEAR! I had to sit there for a long time and think about my hand movments over the keys before I finally got it right. Little things like that have been going on for a a couple months now.

It’s nice to know there are other people out there with similar diagnosis and symptoms. . .Somehwhat comforting . . .However, I would like some answers. I’m 31, about 32, and was training for triathlons, in great health, when a pain in my neck, followed by fainting, difficulty waking and regaining consciousness, sent me to the ER on Xmas Eve 2009. They found the two lipomas in the corpus collosum, and saw growth on a skull tumor that I’ve had since I was about 20. I’ve had the headaches, fatigue, pain in my arms, hands, legs, feet, and neck/back. I’ve also had tingling and numbness, hypoglycemia, low blood pressure, near-fainting, and LOTS of forgetfulness. It’s driving me nuts that all the neurologists, neurosurgeons, and docs I’ve seen, say my lypomas are asymptomatic. They’ve shown growth in the past six years, on subsequent MRIs, and now I’m having all these unfixable probs. If anyone gets any answers, please share. I went back to my running, even though I hurt, just to improve my mental health. The stress of no medical help has caused me undue depression and stress. I’m a teacher, wife, mom, and grad student, with a full-time job and two kids. I don’t want to waste any more time getting zero answers!

I am really fortunate to know that I have found some part of the population that I can at least seek out and that have many if not all of you have the same symptoms that I have and also have the same results that I have had. First of all, I have had migraine pain since 1985. In the past year they have become incredibly severe and I have been to the ER twice and also the Urgent Care three times. I generally ask for an Imitrex shot and then toradol. This is the migraine cocktail. My medications have begun to become ineffective and daily head pain is here. I’ve also discovered that something that never worked in the past is managing the pain: Hydrocodone. Anyone thinking rebound, trust me, I went 2.5 months of pure he to not take any meds until I realized I couldn’t take it anymore. I had an MRI done last week, my second or third over the course of 20 years. Low and behold there is an inferior colliculus 3mm lipoma. Of course, my practioner claimed that it’s asymtompmatic. Few things I know. My symptoms are not always typical for a migraine. The lipoma was not there three years ago. Hydrocodone would not even begin to touch my headaches in the past. In fact, only maxalt and ibuprofen 1 – 3 times were per week were my wonder drugs and that is what I told my neurologists two years ago and is noted in my chart. Never needed prophylactics, etc, until the past 3 years because of the headaches 3 days a week at 1 per week my neuro put me through 47 different prophylactic medications. Hydrocodone, ibuprofen, maxalt (sometimes) are the only solutions and it generally will eliminate the pain for the rest of the day. Also, hot shower or ice on the head work well depending on the level of pain and if you have the time to sit for an hour. I would not recommend narcotics if your not strong enough to deal with the dependency syndrome. It sucks, but at this point I have dealt with it so many times that I kinda have just learned to deal with it. I do know that Dr.’s want to be able to give you an answer and when they can’t they will just tell you something whether correct or not. Especially, when the research that exists may coincide with what they are telling you. Remember they also want you on the most expensive drugs possible because they get kick backs from drug companies. The fact is what we have is something that probably less that 10,000 people out of 6,000,000,000 have, which is RARE. There will be no research done. No money to be made. My advice is find something that relieves the pain and try and live as close to a normal life as possible (it’s difficult) and don’t give into Dr’s telling you what they think, because they are only educated to deal with common ailments and most of the time they aren’t even capable of dealing with those. Try every painkiller that exists; if you find one that works, try taking a small dose daily it may save you the headache and may relieve you much of your pain. Don’t seek out narcotics because they are very contraversial and every Dr. will laugh at you and probably not believe you at least for the first 4 years. But they may be the only thing that works. Sometimes the pain itself will manifest symptoms, so if you can get the pain under control then you may be able to alleviate some of the other symptoms. Please keep posting if you find further research or medications that work. I am up to trying anything and then twice. I hope you all find comfort that you are not alone because I do. I am in continual contact with my nuero and if has any further ideas or gives me something that works I will post. Good luck and God Speed.