Dilaudid – complete drug information, side effects and interactions anti emetic for kids

If you are feeling euphoric,then you are taking too much,or don’t need it at all. That is how you get addicted. I take morphine for chronic pain and never feel euphoria. Believe me, I loved dilaudid and demoral, but they only give that in the hospital. Never have I been prescribed it. It’s too dangerous. Even percoset is dangerous as far as addiction. I take time released and I’m glad ,because I know I won’t get addicted. I feel no different. Thank goodness. I was abusing percoset years ago and my doctor caught on and stopped immediately. I’ve seen too much death from overdosing. I have an addictive personality, but I would never do heroin. If I did, I know I’d be dead. So important to take as directed by doctor. It’s a slippery slope being on pain meds. Be careful everyone. My shrink told me I shouldn’t feel euphoric, and I don’t, so I think I’m ok, even though I hate that I need them.

I don’t drink alcohol. It is poison if you take opiates. I actually over did it once with alcohol and pills. In the hospital 29 days. The ICU for 20 days. I don’t remember much. I haven’t drank since. That was in 2008. They tied me to the bed. I was hallucinating. It was a nightmare. I was ripping the IV out of my arm. So again, if you need pain meds, BE VERY CAREFUL!!! And to the person that said it burned. The caregiver dispensed it too fast. They are suppose put it in your IV very slowly to avoid that feeling. Unfortunately I kind of like it.

I have severe Occpital Neuralgia, diagnosed in 2013. Mine is in the R side of my head, and as of two yrs ago nearly constant. Nothing has worked. I have had numerous blocks, rtzotomy, which my neurosurgeon was against because of the condition of my vertebrae. I was much worse after this. No medication works. I am allergic to all the regular ones for this condition. The opioids, so far I’m allergic to oxycodene, Fentl patch, dilaudid, brand hydrocodone/Tylenol. I have a lot of Refered pain in my back and arm, but, it’s my head that is excruciating. They wanted to put me on medical marijuana, I refused because this PM Dr does not check his patients, even when they have allergic reactions. I am just getting over a case of shingles, and I had the vaccine. The only relief I get is at night I take zanax2mg, then Restoril . I have severe PTSD. The ON was caused by several car accidents. I did not ever take breakthrough medicine and was hesitant to take the medication to begin with. I saw a spealist who wanted to do a procedure on me because He had never seen anyone like me. The possible side effects were too drastic to consider. Death, paralyzed, stroke. I just spent $1,000 on a medication I threw away. Not the first time, severely allergic. If anyone has any advice I would greatly appreciate it. If you have ON , you know it’s debilitating pain. My pain is like lightning shooting though my head as my hair is pulled from my scalp. Sometimes it’s on the top also and on the side beside my R ear, the burn feels like my head is on fire. Many time I cannot touch my head because it feels like I hit it in spots all over too tender to touch. I use ice packs so much I keep shutting off the A/C. My husband rubbing my head is the only thing that helps. I’m ashamed to say, I sometimes just cry, I simply cannot bear the pain. Thank you for listening. I’m so sorry for anyone who is enduring this torture. GodBless

I obtained it from a headrest impact from a texting driver. This is really bad, and i am one of the 20% with resulting seizures from resting the back of my head agsinst my pillow. The seizures when heavy are like 2 second body slams through my bed at 2-3 minute intervals. I have an ambulatory referral to see a neurosurgeon, and they usually just do lidocain and steriod injections, if you can find a primary doctor ot ER doctor with sense enough to accept thst we are not nuts. The best thing that sounds promising is this surgical procedure where they unzip your head and relieve pressure on the nerves. Hint: CT scans cannot detect damaged nerve fibers and axons, and mri is only 30% accurate. We have to be our own advocates because many people think it does not even exist because of insurance and DHEC laws that prevent proper advanced mri scans for detection. Bless you: https://www.google.com/amp/s/abcnews.go.com/amp/Health/doctors-surgery-relieve-lingering-concussion-pain/story%3fid=19095339

Previously, my pain management doctor was prescribing only one (1) Percocet 7.5-325 mg every 12 hours. The Percocet only provided very limited pain relief. Oh how I love the opioid epidemic panic in the U.S. because every physician is so afraid to prescribe pain medication even pain management doctors! I was prescribed Butrans 10 mcg about 5 weeks ago. The pain relief is fantastic compared to my previous Percocet. I love the convenience of leaving the patch in place for 7 continuous days as I don’t have to remember to take oral pain medications. Pain relief is continuous; no more gaps in pain relief. Considering how high my pain level was compared to now with the use of Butrans, I am very pleased. Any side effects are small inconveniences compared to the great pain relief! My skin is sensitive to most adhesives even a simple band aid; I placed one (1) of the patches on the side of my chest it caused significant skin irritation. When I place the patch on the outside of my upper arm/deltoid area, it does not cause skin irritation. I have extremely sensitive skin so other patients may not experience skin irritation due to the adhesive. I had read some patient reviews complaining that the patch would peel off or not stick to their skin, I have not had this problem whatsoever. The first time I used the patch I had some initial side effects that I was concerned about but for the most part, the side effects have disappeared or decreased greatly. My pharmacist advised me that I would feel the effect(s) almost immediately. When I applied the patch (within only a few minutes) for the very first time, I felt a rush of heat/burning sensation in the center of my chest (IV Dilaudid has the same effect on me), my blood pressure heart rate spiked (I have pre-existing hypertension tachycardia) and I felt nauseous. I was extremely surprised how quickly I could feel any type of effect from the patch. I’m on patch # 5 and I only get a minimal heat sensation in my chest only at the time of placement of a new patch lasting only a few minutes now, spikes in my blood pressure heart rate have completely stopped but I still have some minimal nausea (only when I start a new patch it lasts only a couple of hours). The only issue with use of the Butrans patch is all of the restrictions regarding heat such as no hot tubs, no hot baths, no heating pads at the site of the patch (my pain management doctor advised I should not even use a heating pad beyond 15-20 minutes anywhere on my body) which is very disappointing because I’m having cervical/muscle pain/spasms and a heating pad would help; my cervical/muscle pain is in addition to my chronic right arm pain which is the reason Butrans was prescribed to me. I can attest that the patient should read and follow all instructions regarding heat or overheating; I find that Butrans makes me easily susceptible to heat, warm weather, direct sun exposure, intensive exercise, etc… You will NOT feel well at all if you do not avoid heat sources as instructed. In fact, heat exposure can increase the delivery of the medication into your body which can lead to drug overdose. Overall, great pain relief (5 Stars For Helping Me) but due to some side effects the heat exposure restrictions, I will give it 4 Stars for overall satisfaction.