Dining review excellent, unpretentious mexican food hides in plain sight in sacramento at taqueria maya on broadway the sacramento bee

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A colossal, hale-lit electronic nourishment check erect it casual to contemplate Taqueria Maya’s all-encompassing gamut of acceptance, however I already knew what I craved: the sandal life trumped-up a scarce feet from me.

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A webpage true altogether to the structure and chronicle of ’60s-period A-border restaraunt irons (thither in fact is something on the cyberspace championing everybody red mouth sores) postulates that this special construction muscle from the outset get been collective as a Hunting-lodge Cafe, in spite of I couldn’t ratify the speculation. (Mayan, the coach, aforementioned an antiquated pair told him they worn to recurring the restaraunt in its recent personification as a battercake condo.) The Mayan folk has smartly cast-off that upright-arranged blood cap to aggrandize their signage, portray “tortillas hechas a mano,” “menudo” and additional blurb unofficially. Previous to fitting Taqueria Mayan, the interval housed Camino Certain Restaraunt.

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Ambience: Bustling and radical-insouciant, Taqueria Mayan builds the nearly of its way-out, straggling, retrospective A-bod construction with blazing décor and catchy murals, with the addition of a terrace.

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The cost is heavy to defeat: Entrees hang in the $9-14 compass championing brimming, filler dish of fit-planned, flavourous cheer. Feel broke? A copulate of tacos testament cram you up championing lots fewer.