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Thousands of people have died over the years from what originally was believed to be a heart attack when the actual cause was a massive pulmonary embolism, said Mahir Elder, M.D., a top interventional cardiologist at Detroit Medical Center’s Cardiovascular Institute who has developed a new diagnostic check for these serious kinds of emergency cases.

In the nation’s largest study of its kind, Elder and his Pulmonary Embolism Response Team (PERT) — also called the Clotbusters — have treated more than 250 patients the past two years for massive pulmonary embolisms with a lifesaving rate greater than 90 percent, far higher than the 42 percent save rate documented in other studies where patients received the blood-thinning drugs tPA or heparin.

“It started when I noticed a few cases in the ( Detroit Receiving Hospital) ER back in 2012,” said Elder, who also is assistant director of the Wayne State University School of Medicine’s interventional cardiology fellowship program.

“PE can often be masked as MI (myocardial infarction, or heart attack),” said Elder.

Breast cancer symptoms pain in tamil “It is often misdiagnosed, which can result in an unfortunate mortality. Aching chest pain It is completely preventable if discovered promptly.”

“A patient presents to the ED with difficulty breathing, short of breath and sharp chest pain, requiring oxygen therapy with low blood pressure (80/40 or less),” said Elder, a former Crain’s Health Care Hero. Mild chest pain left side “This requires quick action. Chest pain due to cough Before, there was no standard way to treat it. Pain in left side of chest No research, no procedure.”

Elder said reviews of national registries of unexplained deaths have shown that thousands of deaths were caused by massive pulmonary embolisms. Chest pain left side women This most usually happens when a blood clot dislodges from the leg and travels up into the lungs, blocking blood flow. Chest pains on left side that come and go This progresses to cardiac arrest, or a heart attack.

In 2014, Elder received institutional review board approval from the Wayne State medical school and the DMC. Pain in the chest and back His boss, Theodore Schreiber, M.D., president of the DMC Heart Hospital, was supportive of his plan to create the PERT team and institute the special PE guidelines in DMC Receiving’s emergency department. Menopause and chest pain Schreiber is also on the PERT team.

Soon after Elder began researching options with PE, he discovered cardiologists at Massachusetts General Hospital were starting a similar program, and he called them to discuss options. Chest pain reasons He found they did not have a standard procedure. Sharp pain in chest left side Since then, Massachusetts General has formed a national PERT consortium, which DMC has joined, to help spread the word at hospitals and with doctors.

To be successful, Elder said PERT teams must be inclusive and collaborative. Sharp chest pain anxiety They also must be able to quickly respond to PE cases. Left chest pain when coughing Mortality rates rise quickly as time passes, he said.

“We are ahead of Mass General. Can acid reflux cause chest pain on left side They have a team but not as efficient as us because we are in-house and open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Pain in center of chest when breathing They have a meeting first, then call in the team. Strong chest pain It takes too long,” Elder said.

“Our hospital is the nation’s highest enroller in PE clinical research. Lower back pain when breathing in deeply We get more patients into the cath lab than anyone because we are here 24/7″ through DMC’s Cardio Team One, he said.

Elder said having the PERT staff on call 24/7 is expensive, but after several years the service is now profitable. Stomach pain after eating spicy food “You need at least 50 cases per year to be proficient,” he said.

“You should see them when they come into the ER. Severe chest pain when coughing They are in very poor condition. Stomach pain drugs They can’t breathe on their own and have a tremendous amount of chest pain. Gastritis and chest pain After the procedure, they are comfortable and they walk out of the hospital,” Elder said.

The majority of patients treated at DMC understand the importance of taking care of their health, Elder said. Pain in upper left chest above breast They hydrate, exercise and make sure they don’t sit too long without some form of movement, he said.

Physicians and nurses involved in the program are proud of what DMC Heart Hospital and Cardiovascular Institute are doing to prevent unnecessary deaths, he said.

“We treat massive PE better in Detroit than anywhere in the country,” Elder said. Left side chest pain anxiety “We can say we are a world authority. Chest pain sternum We can say we are at the top in innovation and treatment for massive PE. Asthma chest pain relief We are proud of that.”