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I had my first stone about 3 months ago, severe pain and I still thought it was a muscle pull because pain was on my left waist. Then the nausea and shaking started and couldn’t make it quit so i knew something was wrong. The ER did a catscan and there was a large stone stuck right at the tip of the bladder. I also was dehydrated and had bladder and kidney infection which I had no idea I even had those. they kept me in hospital for 4 days, nothing happened with the stone so the xrayed me and said they didn’t see the stone. Urologist told me an xray doesn’t always show the stone. sure enough, i had another catscan and the stone was still there. I ended up having surgery to remove it and then again to remove the stent after 5 days. I think the stent was the worst of all. dr said that once you have a stone, you are likely to have another.

I thought he meant like in a year or so but a month later i had that same stone pain but I thought i was going crazy because this time i would hurt so bad after 5 minutes of standing but when i sat down it went away. this went on for 6 weeks and i went to family dr. they said there was blood in urine but they didn’t want me to get another catscan since i just had 2 so they sent me for ultrasound. it showed everything normal, went to urologist and he said a ctscan is the only thing that will show it up. he said ultrasound just shows large things like masses, etc. and xrays are even worse for showing stones. i did start feeling better and the ctscan came back that i had stones but they had passed so now i’m wondering how they know that if the stones are now gone? i just wanted to let you know that xray and ultrasound may be a waste of time. I did see on the net that there is a thing called a ball valve and it is rare. he even have to think a minute and said oh yeah and drew me a picture. it is where the stone comes out of the kidney as in my case when i would stand but when i sat it went back in the kidney, maybe you have something like that? good luck, I feel your pain and frustration when you know you have stones cause we know that feeling yet these tests say they are not there. good luck

I have had stones since 2003. The last year they have gotten awful, with three surgeries so far this year to remove them. My urologist is great. He believes me in that while normally stones do not bother you until they move out of the kidney, for some reason mine do even if they aren’t very big. They try not do due CTs on me unless they have too because I have had way too many, however we finally had to break down yesterday and get one as I was pretty bad. I peed out a stone right before the CT, therefore CT actually showed none. However, today while better since passing stone yesterday, I am thinking there are still some left. I do honestly believe there are chances when a CT does not show it either. We first did KUB xray which was unable to detect them all the time and an ultrasound, which too is unable to detect them, hence later ending up with CT when still in pain and constant nausea and vomiting. There are many types of stones and only one of mine sent for anaylysis which is the most common calcium oxelate. I feel for anyone with kidney stones, especially chronic like me. I had to quit work because of missing too much time. I now work prn (as needed) doing medical transcription from home. Hope this post helps somebody. The kid