Dr. adam hy do reviews rowland heights, ca vitals.com staphylococcus symptoms

This has been the worst experience I’ve ever had with a doctor by far. And I have been to so many doctors because of my medical condition. Dr. Hy did not listen to what I had to say and would disagree with everything I told him or asked. He would give me an attitude and sigh whenever he didn’t agree with anything I was saying. He would not let me finish what I had to say about my past medical condition and told me that’s in the past and he does not need to know. He belittled me. When I would tell him my past visit with a certain doctor about how the doctor did not prescribe me antibiotics when i had a staph infection, he told me that the doctor did the right thing and everything that the doctor does is right. He basically said what happened that time was my fault and doctors are not to blame.

But all I was doing was telling him what really happened to me and my experience with a certain doctor (which has affected my health and made me worse). He then started lecturing me about how I didn’t know anything about doctors and everything the doctors says is right and that we are wrong. He told me my condition is extensive and that there is no magic. He did not try to comfort me in any way or give me hope. Instead, he did the exact opposite. I felt like crying on the spot but I had to try so hard to hold my tears back. The second I stepped out of the building, I cried so much and started nosebleeding instantly from all the stress he had given me within the 15 minutes I was with him. I have never had such a bad experience and that is the first and last time I am going there. I struggle with depression, which i stated on the forms that the patient fills out when they first get there, and I had the urge of cutting myself after that experience because of the immense stress and rudeness of the doctor. He told me to respect the doctors when he was not respecting me as a patient. Do not even bother coming here. You deserve better.

The only good thing about this place was the front receptionist/assistant. She was very kind to me and would give me tips to better my health. Because of her, I tried holding back my tears and smiling. Other than her, Dr. Hy was the worst doctor I’ve ever met.

My initial visit to him was to see if I could get some test done to find out if the pregnancy issue my wife was having may be related to me. When I presented my request to him and informed him of the issue we were having his comment was the following, If she is getting pregnant but is losing the baby later, then it is always the women’s fault. This is very unprofessional. He then tried to argue with me that I do not need the test, that he was unsure if he would get approval for them. After I requested him to contact my wife’s doctor and to submit the request he came back informing me that he is going to the test. He had blood drawn and submit it to the lab. On my second visit he showed me half of the lab results. I asked him to please forward a copy of all the lab test to my wife’s doctor so that she can review them and determine the course of action in her treatment. He did not forward the results. On my third visit, I ask for a copy of the lab results since they were never forwarded. The doctor who treated me, since he was out that day, informed me that the results were incomplete and that the lab never did the other test. This tells me that Dr. Hy never checked to see if the entire lab test were done. Thank god I was not being tested for something serous like cancer!!!He is a very unprofessional doctor that needs to learn more about bedside manner and tact when dealing with people. Avoid him and the Altamed in El Monte. The place is very disorganized and the doctors that work there do not care about their clients.