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I were looking for good endocrinologist as i were diagnosed with high Antibodies. I lost confidence about many doctors who failed to find out my issues based on my symptoms and blood report. Always TSH is normal, but everyday my symptoms getting worst. I did research about my body symptoms(hair loss, memory reduction, cold hands, cold feets, gaining wait) , every doctor were talking like normal way its stress, take good diet..etc. I did not give up, started my research finally found its hashimotos, but i need to confirm it through blood report, then i went to my physician requested her to prescribe me additional TPO, T1,T3,T4. Then i found that i have high TPO antibodies. Then i realized these doctors wasted my time and my money my blood for lab work to get normal results. I suggested doctor to prescribe addition lab tests to identify my issues, it worked.

Since then i lost confidence about the doctors. I am not saying this by experiencing with one doctors, i consulted many doctors over 8 years with the same issue. Thats why i decided to get some information before we have visit with doctor. This time i went Dr SAFA with little information about my issues. I were asking him do i need so and so tests, He got angry on me and ignoring my conversation , started soft scolding me. He did some test to check my thyroid is in good position or not, i appreciate that. Then he said i have hashimotos disease. Asking me to take thyroid medication in small dose or else wait until i get hypo thryroid. He gave me an option. I were asking him about all the thryroid related tests so far i known as i were in such pathetic situation being suffered from the hashimotos symptoms. When i were asking him about the tests he felt like i am trying to get knowledge from him and trying to take his time, then he is literally soft scolding me saying like ‘where did you get this information , who gave you all this, people doesnt know what they are talking, no one doctor gives you information about all these and no one explains you’ . I were like literally crying inside myself as i visited him with hope instead i am seeing different. He is not interested spend time with patient who ask him questions. He is not interested to explain to the patient about the situation, and he is unable to understand the patient situation and not able to give hope. If you are dumb and just nod your head for whatever he says or if you only answer the questions whatever he asks , then you both will be good and happy can write good reviews about him. I am just writing what i have experienced. To say honestly the way he ignored my questions and his talk made me to cry, it is little silly to say but i felt so sad about the hope i lost with this visit. I believe doctors are high payers compare to all of us, they get minimum 150-200$ per 15-30 mins time. Why dont they like to spend time for us? we are paying insurance every month to pay doctor visits, how come they treat us as we are getting services for free? i dont know why i cried, may be i am sensitive or something hurt me, dont know. But its my bad experience i ever had , because i never cried before in the office visit. I dont know , he might good with all patience who has no knowledge about the disease they have or he might be good from person to person? I am sorry to write this review, but i wrote this to help some one like me.

I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis in July. Dr. Safa put me on Synthroid. After two weeks, I couldn’t physically take my full dose, or I’d be in bed all day, dizzy, nauseous, high temperature.. When I called to ask his advice, he told me to cut my dose in half. I did, and have felt half as terrible, but I’ve had my period since August. Non-stop. He didn’t seem phased at all and just told me to keep taking it. Now, he doesn’t take my insurance anymore. I needed to have a mandatory procedure done the next week to check the size of my thyroid nodule. He refused to write an order for it, so that I could have it done elsewhere, and wouldn’t send my lab results to my new doctor. I went through a huge mess trying to get another doctor to refer me for this important procedure, and all the while, getting phone calls every day from the front desk telling me that Dr. Safa would do the procedure for me, if I continued to come to him. The procedure is upwards of 1,500$ and they were suggesting I pay at time of service. After expressing that it was the most important thing that I go somewhere that takes me insurance, they officially refused to do anything for me. I’ve recently been seen my another Endocrinologist in the area, who informed me that I do not even have to be on the medicine yet, because it’s only required during pregnancy, or if I become Hypothyroid (which I wasn’t yet, and this was news to me). Especially if the medicine was messing with my body, there was no real reason to take it. I have an autoimmune disease that cannot be reversed or fixed, and there was no need to pump extra hormones into me. I had read that Synthroid was pushed at doctors to prescribe, I just didn’t think that a doctor would push it on someone with a disease that has no cure, and then be alright with the medicine making them absolutely miserable, on top of their other symptoms.