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I went to Dr Reyburn when he was in Idaho, I was very depressed going through menopause. I was on 25 ml of Zoloft when I saw him, he then put me on three other drugs, one of them was Abilify he never discussed with me the side effects of this drug which are many such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high triglycerides compulsive behaviors among many others plus this is a black box drug which means it’s dangerous. Also this drug is used for bipolar and schizophrenia which I do not have. I thank God he moved to Colorado.I went and saw another psychiatrist who could not believe I was put on Abilify. He started to wean me off this drug very slowly it took 2 months to get off it totally then the side effects began, it has been an horrific process that I have been going through, 4 months so far and stil having problems.

Dr.Reyburn never suggested talk therapy which my new psychiatrist did which has helped me immensely. Dr Reyburn just assumed it was a chemical imbalance in my brain and never asked about the problems I was having in my life which is usually the cause of a lot of depression. I wish I could sue him for malpractice that’s how angry I am. Do not take Abilify before looking up this terrible drug. I thank God I found my new psychiatrist who is informed about these drugs. I trusted that Dr Reyburn new what he was doing and I suffered the consequences. I will never take another drug before I find information about it because you can’t trust those who prescribe them.

I started seeing Dr. Reyburn shortly after moving to a new town. I would have preferred to keep my normal psychiatrist, who’s work did wonders for my depression and anxiety, but he was now 300 miles a way and regular visits were out of the question.I came to see Dr. Reyburn after a week-long bout of depression, something that seems to occur bi-annually no matter what medication I happen to be on (I had not learned this at the time.) The medication I was taking at the time, a combination of two mood stabilizers, had been working wonderfully for about 5 years. I was expecting perhaps a dosage adjustment, but instead Dr. Reyburn take me off of one of the two mood stabilizers I was on, replacing it with an anti-depressant. When I told him that I had been on a combination of a mood stabilizer and an anti-depressant many times before, and that it had always made me more unstable and more depressed, he didn’t really listen. He kept saying This is how you treat bipolar disorder. It’s a proven formula. Of my previous doctor, he said I met him once before. I am not a fan of that man’s practice. He thinks everyone has bipolar disorder. In fact, my previous doctor had not made that diagnosis at all, and emphasized that every mood disorder was unique to the person. Bipolar disorder was tacked on earlier by someone else. Despite my concerns about the new combo, I trusted his decisions and began taking the new medication. Within two months, I found myself in the psych ward of a nearby hospital after having having frequent panic attacks, racing thoughts, and deep depression. During my week-long stay, Dr. Reyburn could not be contacted. The staff there tried his office, the hospital where he worked, even his home phone. He was totally unreachable. The time I spent stuck in the hospital ultimately cost me my job. When I saw him after being released from the psych ward, he angrily claimed that they had his pager number, his office phone, etc., and that he had received absolutely no messages. I didn’t believe him; I had lost all my trust in him as a doctor. That was my last appointment with him.Dr. Chris Reyburn is arrogant, loud, and pushy. He doesn’t listen, and prefers to talk about himself. His 20 minute story about how noble he was for refusing to do a $20,000 paid endorsement for a medication he didn’t believe in did not impress me. Avoid this doctor at all costs.