Dr. mark mckenna set to revolutionize healthcare with ovme app can hormone imbalance cause depression

Elective healthcare is set to undergo a revolution that will change the way we approach it forever. Dr. Mark McKenna’s newest venture, OVME, is a medical aesthetic company that seeks to match customers with practitioners using the benefits of new technology.

Botox, fillers, Kybella, IPL (or intense pulsed light) for scars and spots – these are all treatments that are available nationwide. The difference is that, until now, you would need to go to a private clinic and make an appointment with a particular medical professional, going through a process of consultations and treatments that could take months. With OVME, the process is focused on getting the best medical practitioner for the job and delivering them to the customer, not the other way around.

Pronounced ‘of me’, OVME is the latest business for successful entrepreneur Dr.

Mark McKenna. With a background in launching his own ventures which started back when he was still in medical school, he has a long history of starting companies and taking them to soaring heights. Whether tackling the real estate market or making it possible for gym bunnies to attend health and wellness clinics without leaving their favourite workout space, he has proven time and again his ability to bring an idea to fruition. OVME looks to bring aesthetic medical treatments right into 2018, tapping into the gig economy as well as creating a brand that people can trust and recognise across the whole nation.

Nothing is more important than customer experience, and this is something that the health and wellness industry has recognised well. But for Dr. Mark McKenna, it isn’t doing it well enough. His aim is to connect men and women who aspire to make something greater of themselves with skilled medical professionals in select cities. Over time, the cities enrolled in the program will grow, helping to reach further and connect more prospective patients with the health care providers who are best matched to their needs.

This direct to consumer model is a highly innovative approach to elective healthcare – something that has never been done before on a mobile platform. The contemporary, yet welcoming, boutiques set up to support the program are the last piece of the puzzle to provide results that are high quality yet minimally invasive. With the launch of the OVME app, patients will be able to start an online consultation and talk directly with their future doctor, without having to leave their homes.

Home visits can also be scheduled through the app, and for quick procedures, doctors can simply assign themselves as active to wait and see where their skills are needed. Comparisons to Uber and Deliveroo are not far off the mark, though the quality of the brand will be upheld with the selection of only fully qualified and skilled professionals to offer their services.

The skin health services offered via OVME are age appropriate, meaning that the utmost care is taken to preserve a natural and healthy appearance even whilst meeting the wishes of the customer. Dr. Mark McKenna’s own medical background comes in handy for ensuring that stringent quality checks are in place, meaning customers can always be assured that they are in good hands. With a focus on transparency and service, OVME is set to be the app that changes the face of the aesthetic health and wellness industry forever – bringing it up to speed with the technical expectations of today’s consumers.

The services are not simply limited to the facial procedures that we listed at the beginning of this article. There are several categories of improvements which customers can choose from, continuing with treatments which are aimed at the body as a whole. These include the use of Botox to prevent excessive sweating; medically supervised use of HGC for weight loss; laser hair removal, using Quanta Forte, which is considered to be the gold standard in this technique; and short-term weight loss courses using a diet and exercise plan combined with FDA-approved appetite suppressants.

Those interested in looking after their health can enjoy a range of services, such as B12 shots, women’s HRT hormonal imbalance therapies, and IV hydration therapy tailored to the individual patient. You can also undergo lab testing in order to see objective data sets to carve a path that will help you lead your healthiest life.

Men are increasingly in search of aesthetic or health and wellness treatments, and so there are some solutions offered exclusively for their needs. They can seek medication for erectile dysfunction, or use testosterone replacement therapy to fight aging. There are a number of different options for the replacement of testosterone hormones, such as pellets and injections. Sephyl PRP is also on offer: this is a solution for men who are looking for hair restoration without resorting to surgery. The skin is the most important part of the body, and it is often the most telling when it comes to showing the signs of aging.

A thoughtful, medical grade skin-care routine is the foundation of healthy, glowing skin. OVME offers a curated selection of medical grade skin care products that deliver superior cosmetic outcomes. Consult with an OVME Certified Skin Care Specialist to determine what products are right for your skin type and lifestyle. . . @biopelle_inc @skinmedica @revisionskincare #BestOVYou #OVME4You #GlowUp #SkinCare #MedicalGrade #AtlantaBuckhead

Medical grade facials are available through OVME, helping to give a glowing and refreshed look. Another option is Vivace RF Mirconeedling, which will help to contour and tighten the skin of your neck, face, and body as needed. You can also find a selection of curated skin-care products which are medical grade for the best possible outcomes.

With all of these services available, it looks like Dr. Mark McKenna has created a service many people are going to be wanting. As we approach an era of self-care and understanding that wanting to look good does not have to be looked down upon as vanity, they are sure to be more and more in demand. This is great news for the patients who will now be able to access high-quality aesthetic medical care without the hassle and strain this would normally require. Get to know Mckenna a little better by reading his interview with IdeaMensch