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Dr. Fowler’s treatment plan has absolutely worked for me. I wish that all specialists would give their patients the amount of detailed information and protocols that Dr.Fowler gives his patients. I was losing hope before I found Dr. Fowler and was fretting that I would have to settle for a life with no exercise, no intercourse, no swimming, no jeans, and more. I had been to my local gynecologist for months and was then sent to an Infectious Disease doctor. I was put on medications that didn’t solve the underlying problem and caused other health complications. I was told that I would just have to battle chronic vaginal infections indefinitely. I refused to accept that and researched extensively to find answers. When I read about Dr.Fowler and what he specialized in, I knew his practice was where I needed to go.

Today, I am 80% percent better after four months of following his treatment plan. Dr. Fowler and I expect that I will reach 100%. To say I am grateful is an understatement. I am 35 years old and hopefully have many years of life left to live and I want to live them to the fullest. Being able to relieve my chronic pain and constant worry over my vagina has given me back a bundle of energy and my joyful spirit!

I had experienced pelvic pain for going on three years when I found out about Dr. Fowler. My husband and I had stopped having sex for probably close to a year and a half as well. I never had it easy with my vagina since probably my first experience with sex and tampons. Early on there was intermittent pain and infections…Through my twenties I was diagnosed with UTI after UTI as well as yeast infections and BV. So, as you could imagine it was antibiotics central for a good portion of my twenties into my thirties. Those subsided and then the worse began I would occasionally burn in my vulva area and occasionally I’d experience pain in what I now know is my vestibule. It was tolerable until about 4 years ago when we stopped having sex because the pain was consistent every time I inserted anything in my vagina I felt a horrible stabbing pain and sometimes it felt blocked. I saw several doctors, three physical therapists, and tried a chiropractor and acupuncture. I was constantly searching the internet for anything or anybody who was experiencing anything like me. It felt like my gynecologists weren’t listening to the pain I was describing and there really wasn’t answers from them. I say gynecologists because I went to a few different ones trying to find someone who could help me. I would research and ask questions and they would prescribe or refer me to whatever I asked in regards to this because it was pretty clear to me they didn’t know how to help me. I finally started searching Facebook using the words I’d been hearing doctors call what I had and from the research I’d been doing on my own, and that’s how I found a group of FGI Prospective and Existing Clients. I had also run across Dr. Fowler’s name through my searches on the internet, but it all seemed too good to be true. It was scary deciding to travel to Arizona and pay out of pocket to go see this doctor who says he can help. You become pretty skeptical with this because so many say that and nothing seems to help. Well, this is an honest and real testimonial and there is hope, Dr. Fowler saved me! His protocol has changed my whole world. It is non-invasive and with commitment and patience he knows this condition and can help. I saw him May of 2017 and this is now Oct. 2017, I am almost 5 months complete, and I am nearly pain free and able to have sex with my husband again. I still have healing to do and there are still bumps in the road, but I am so thankful to have found Dr. Fowler! Dr. Fowler’s studies with pain in the vagina have given him years of experience and he’s probably heard it all from a lot of desperate, in pain, women and he CAN help! Dr. Fowler has helped me feel whole again and his protocol has literally changed my world. I am so thankful to have taken the chance and have him as my doctor. THANK YOU Dr. Fowler from the bottom and top of my heart.