Dr. vanita p treat md reviews bryn mawr, pa vitals.com hormonal imbalance in females

This is a rather long review and I usually don’t write them. I almost feel bad commenting so much on this doctors actions, but I wouldn’t want another patient to experience this. Hopefully this helps at least one other patient save their time when trying to find a valuable physician.

I was immediately and completely dismissed by Dr. Treat. This was despite my having numerous clinical signs and debilitating symptoms, as well as being told by three other physicians that I needed to see endocrinology for a specific syndrome or anything similar (one having told me that very same day). It was clear that Dr. Treat had made the decision that this was nothing endocrine related before even examining or speaking to me. She barely looked at the form I had spent 20 minutes carefully filling out and not once even asked me about my symptoms.

She never even asked me about my current medications. She barely spoke except to answer me, and I had to repeatedly speak up on my own to make sure she had a full understanding of what was going on-Im still not even sure that she did. Her quick decision that I didn’t have to be seen there was based on one single previous blood test that we’ve since learned isnt even definitive on its own. She even had the nerve to say that I was “convincing myself” I had the syndrome, and acted as if I had just come up with this diagnosis by myself. Again ignoring the fact that for weeks, three other physicians had been telling me I needed to be seen for this. I was following the instructions of other doctors and she both insulted me and made me feel stupid for even being there. All of this happened after she admitted herself that she “didn’t even look at my records for more than 5 minutes” before coming in.

Almost everything that was done or said was in a completely unprofessional manner. The entire appointment felt like we were having an oddly casual conversation with someone who had almost no medical training instead of a meaningful conversation with a doctor. I was having serious valid concerns regarding my health and answers she used multiple times, with a big smile and a frequent (almost inappropriate) laugh, were “I dunno!”, “I know, right?” and “huh, that is weird!!”. It got to the point where I actually had to spell out for her, “no, were asking you this…as you’re the physician….” One of my clinical signs includes developing sudden stretch marks on my legs, which I had to mention four times before she agreed to even look at them…meaning we had to ask her to look at them. I had questioned what else can cause these or who else I should see to help diagnose what has caused them, as she was positive it was nothing endocrine related. She had no thoughts regarding a cause or diagnostic process, but let me know that I should see someone to “lighten them up.” Hearing this when I had expressed no cosmetic concern myself, and when I was clearly instead looking to find out the root cause, was pretty embarrassing and upsetting.

There was no real thought on anything else I could have going on, no explanation of what else could be causing these symptoms and barely any clinical advice on where to go from there. This could be vital information for a patient who is suffering everyday. Weve also since learned that the test she ordered during the appointment (which she explained was only being done for my “peace of mind”..which again just made me feel stupid) was incorrect on its own and that three others should have been ordered to accurately make or break a diagnosis. This one test was a 24 hour urine collection that she took no time to actually explain to us. She just handed me a bag with the container and the script inside. I asked her for a toilet “hat” since I couldn’t urinate right into the bottle (I’m a female) and she had no idea what I was talking about. After explaining, she said that she thinks her patients usually use a bowl and a funnel…no chance of contamination there and super professional right? I had to go to cvs and buy a collection device on my own to use. After completing the collection and trying to drop it off at the lab, we were told that I was supposed to note the exact starting and end time, down to the minute. I did not know the exact information off the top of my head, and now because of Dr. Treats lack of direction, I have to do the collection again. The lab tech was shocked that the she gave us this test without the direction sheet, no verbal instructions and not even the labels that were supposed to be on the bottle. My mom mentioned the “hat” story and the tech said “Wow. I wouldn’t go back to see her again.” We’re not.

This entire experience left me feeling ignored, frustrated, confused and insulted. It was a complete waste of both my time and money and only made me feel worse about my situation. If you’re looking for a doctor with a normal caring bedside manner, who listens to you, who takes the slightest interest in your case, who has taken a psychology course and knows how to apply basic medical knowledge to their practice, this doctor is not for you. I can’t comment on any of the other physicians in the practice but I unfortunately wouldnt recommend Dr. Treat to anyone.