Experiencing a sharp pain in your chest sharp pain in chest and back

I have this problem and have had it for over 10 years. I’m 31 now. This article is SUCH a relief to me because I never know exactly what I had. I would hesitate to go to the hospital and get it diagnosed cause I had a bad feeling doctors would put me on some sort of heart medicine like nitrous glycerin for angina or something. Although often the pain was around my heart, sometimes it wouldn’t be. The would be a month where I wouldn’t have any chest pains and then there would be days where I was getting them constantly. My boyfriend said he figured it was a pinched nerve, but most of the time it was more of a spasm feeling. Sometimes I wondered if it was possible for it to be an air bubble cause it felt like that every once in awhile traveling about slightly. I often wondered if I had heart attacks cause I’d get the heavy chest feeling or the pain on the arm.

Only I’ve had them so often that there is no way they were heart attacks and Ive never gone to the emergency room though once I was tempted. I’m soooooo glad there is a name for this condition!!!!!! I am self diagnosed at last. This makes me very happy that its not really a big deal and to just deal with the pain cause it will be over with eventually. Thank you Zidbits, you guys have changed my life and given me peace of mind!

Hah! Omg, I’m 27 and I’ve had these for as long as I can remember. I’m laughing right now because I’m so relieved to finally have a name for it. I’ve always described it to my parents and friends as a chest bubble that I have to pop before I can breathe normally again, but they always seemed to think I was crazy. I know my mom never seemed interested in taking me to a doctor for it when I was little since it never really affected me for long. It just freaked me out. As time went on, I stopped freaking out over it and it just became something I dealt with. “Oh, here’s another one.. *brace yourself, deep breathe* OK, moving on.” I have them way less often now as an adult, but I still have them. I recently wondered if maybe I shouldn’t dismiss them so quickly anymore (even though I’ve been getting them for at LEAST 20 years with no noticeable long term problems) and decided to do a Google search. So glad to have a name for them and know that they’re basically harmless! They still suck, but at least I know that my instinct to take that unpleasant deep breath and “pop the bubble” is correct.

I’ve had these problem since I was 13 years old (I’m now 20). I’m unsure if it’s triggered by something and I’ve been to numerous doctors about my lungs and heart and had x-rays but they say it’s nothing yet I’m still bothered by it. From time to time it gets much worse. It can cause hours of pain at a time, sometimes causing me to faint. That hasn’t happened in a while however it scares me to think I have angina or asthma or a heart attack or something else. It’s starting to frighten my family and friends that I can’t breathe and that I have to go to the hospital/doctor but it eventually passes. Also, because I’m doing nursing in university I’m starting to think that way again that I will have a heart attack or something because this still hasn’t passed and I continue to worry from time to time. Everything else I’ve read also tells me that it’ll stop (it also used to happen to my dad and it stopped for him however he does have asthma). Is there something I can do to prevent this from happening?

It just happened to me. I’m 25 and it’s my first time experiencing it. A week earlier I was doing some Pilates and felt a certain section of my upper back / spine pop /snap. And now halfway through sleep at 4am I feel a stabbing pain in my heart area (anterior of the previous spine pop/snap) with every exhale. It felt like some part of the bone in the chest area broke off and was stabbing my heart/ muscles around it and I had real fear that exhaling too fast/ deep would cause something to stab through. My heart rate was fast but regular (from being shocked awake from the pain: interestingly my brain incorporated the pain into my dream in the form of a Calvary battle)

I righted my back flat and straight, put a hand over my heart to massage the area and felt a rumbly sensation pass like you would expect in a hungry tummy. Exhaled to a minimum at first because each exhale brought a stab of pain. I started changing how I inhaled. A deep inhalation focused on expanding the chest area instead of expanding the tummy followed by an exhalation as daringly empty as I could caused 2 surprising things to happen: I felt a bubble like sensation near the spine area aforementioned / could be an interior muscle and this sensation happened when I daringly exhaled as much as I could. This bubble like sensation happened twice in succession and the pain disappeared from my heart area. I also felt a shadow of the pain lingering through the left side of my body especially in the arm and chest region and was dead worried if I had a stroke or heart attack.

I got up after pain was gone to stretch, especially in my upper torso region, to make sure the pain did not re-occur in any positions at all and a quick stroke test in which I raised my arms, checked for drooping or numbness and recited the alphabet to make sure it wasn’t a damn stroke. Then Google was the next best step. The pain and the popping process took me a total of not longer than 10 minutes and I currently feel like my blood is circulating very well in the chest area with no hitch in my breathing or any recurring pain/ fatigue. The symptoms described in this article is quite close to accurate for me but I’ll definitely follow up with a trip to the doctor’s.

Some of the comments here are nothing close to being described in the article and do sound like a heart problem. Get checked folks! Especially those with an extended period of discomfort even after correcting the breathing or who don’t feel the key “bubble” as described. Really hope this pain doesn’t turn up frequently as described by some in the comment section!