Fai (femoroacetabular impingement) recovery update_ 18 months post-op

Hi everyone- happy Monday! Fall has officially arrived here in Bloomington and man, is it beautiful. Total hip replacement surgery video This is my favorite time of year and I am soaking in as much as I can. Post op hip replacement exercises This is perfect running weather or pretty much anything outdoor weather which means there are lots of evening walks, long runs and time spent with a warm cup of coffee or tea.

If you’ve been following my blog since it’s inception, you know that I began writing because of my FAI (Femoroacetabular Impingement) diagnosis and surgery. Benefits and risks of hip replacement surgery I wanted to spread the word about FAI so that people – specifically athletes- didn’t go un-diagnosed as I did for years.

Hip fracture recovery without surgery To my surprise, this blog has become a huge repository of comments, stories and information surrounding FAI, diagnosis, surgery options and recovery questions. Symptoms of hip dysplasia in dogs I AM THRILLED that I’ve been able to share my story and allow others to share theirs as well.

As you can imagine, I get many questions regarding my own personal journey including my recovery since surgery. Hip bone surgery November marks 18 months post-operation- WOOO HOO! Thankful is an understatement when it comes to how I feel about my health and athletic ability. Risks of hip replacement I’ve written a couple of posts on FAI in the past- here and here .

With all that being said, I felt like I needed to give those interested, an update on my recovery. Shoulder bone spur surgery recovery time As with any major surgery, recovery can take months and years when it comes to rebuilding muscle, flexibility, strength and other physical related issues.

To make this as simple as possible, I listed below some of the most common questions I receive via comments on the blog or through my blog’s email. Total hip replacement surgery recovery time Although I am happy to reply to anyone who sends me an email, I thought this might help with some of the most common questions I receive.

Hi Ashley, pretty good to be honest, I had my right hip done first, then four weeks after had double hernia and inguinal ligament repair, then four weeks after that my left hip. Exercises after hip replacement 6 months The hernia op was more painful but only to sneeze, laugh or sitting up without using your arms and pain only lasted a week, apparently if it wasn’t for the hip surgery, I could of been back to normal training between 2-4 weeks. Hip fracture surgery The inguinal ligament repair was because I was getting adductor pain where I couldn’t squeeze my knees together at all, I still have very slight pain doing that but doesn’t stop me being able to squeeze, plus I think it’s still healing, hope this helps

Hi Charlie, it’s really hard to judge with this condition, as we are all different, have different damage or pain, plus we have different surgeons and different re-habs etc. Hip replacement surgery youtube I feel I have been very lucky so far, but I still get pain in my right on and off and like you am unsure if that pain is a permanent feature going forward. Hip dysplasia surgery Also, even though I am back doing jiu jitsu, muay thai and boxing, I doubt I will be kicking in muay thai again, also who knows, I may get more issues soon that means I have to stop all together. How long does hip replacement surgery take to heal The only thing I am aiming to do, is manage my pain as best as possible, so plenty of time warming up, plenty of stretching, foam rolling, massages etc. Arthroscopic hip surgery recovery and change my martial arts to match my limitations. Exercises to avoid after hip replacement The only other thing I would say, is if I had been a year post op without being able to return to martial arts, I would be looking at other opinions, im not saying the people at rothman institute don’t know what they are doing, but it won’t harm you to ‘shop around’ if you like. Hip labral tear surgery recovery After all it’s your health that is at stake. Dog hip dysplasia surgery cost Hope this helps any?

It was a pleasant surprise to stumble across your blog! I am currently 4.5 years post op, and after a recent MRI, it was unfortunately discovered that I have developed premature osteoarthritis on the same hip.

I was misdiagnosed for approximately 3 years – as an elite hockey player at the age of 17 I began having consistent, severe “groin injuries” and was subsequently treated for groin strains and sprains without seeing any improvement. Sleeping positions after hip replacement After years of this treatment throughout my junior hockey career, I went on to play collegiate hockey, and once again consistently experienced hip and groin pain. Broken hip surgery In October 2009 I was finally diagnosed with FAI and scheduled my surgery for January 2010 (unfortunate wait times in Canadian healthcare).

I did physiotherapy for approximately 3-4 months post-op and began strength training shortly thereafter. Hip dysplasia surgery recovery time Once my range of motion returned to a satisfactorily level, I engaged in heavy weight lifting to get my lower body strength back to pre-op levels in anticipation of playing semi-professional hockey. Hip dysplasia symptoms in dogs I successfully began my semi-professional hockey career in September of 2011 and was pain free until this past January, 2014 – exactly 4 years from my surgery. Labral tear hip surgery recovery As I began to go heavier and heavier in the gym while not allowing appropriate rest between hockey practices and games, I began noticing the pain once again. Labral tear hip surgery recovery time My range of motion has severely decreased. Shoulder surgery recovery timeline I am a victim of my own stupidity/work ethic. Complications of total hip replacement As I thought I was home free, my regular yoga practice (which did wonders for my hips) decreased and strength training increased. Hip labrum surgery recovery time Being on the road every weekend (most often on the bus/plane without the best nutrition options), the pain came back worse than before.

Over the past few months, I have once again increased my regular yoga practice, focus my strength training on moderate core oriented weight training, and am on a strict paleo/anti inflammatory diet. Total hip replacement surgery video This combination has once again returned me to a pain free life in anticipation of a possible femoral head replacement (which will be confirmed within the next month). Post op hip replacement exercises My advice to those dealing with FAI – do not get complacent with your recovery. Benefits and risks of hip replacement surgery I believe (especially for those runners) that a lifelong commitment to proactive maintenance is the best way to avoid re-injury.

I am almost 4 months post hip labrum repair arthroscopic surgery, I had a pretty large labral tear, as well as CAM and Pincer FAI. Hip fracture recovery without surgery I am a 23 year old female, who was averaging about 90 miles a week prior to my diagnosis. Symptoms of hip dysplasia in dogs This whole process has been a challenge and battle. Hip bone surgery I have been going to PT since about 3 weeks post surgery. Risks of hip replacement My PT advised me to begin jogging, which I have been for about 2 and a half weeks, as of last week I began to feel hamstring and hip flexor soreness, the hip flexor worries me due to proximity, and achiness. Shoulder bone spur surgery recovery time Has anyone who got this surgery and returned to running experienced something similar in the beginning stages? If you could share a bit about it it would help with some peace of mind. Total hip replacement surgery recovery time Thanks.