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What’s it like outside? Break out the wool underwear this morning, folks; it’s only in the 30s (and windy). Symptoms of a slight concussion Just don’t scratch in public. Signs of a concussion in a toddler It’s all downhill from here, getting colder and windier all through the weekend.

While you were sleeping: A massive winter storm is dumping tons of snow on the western third of the country. Signs of a concussion in child Epic snowfall in the Sierra Mountains could lead to flash flooding in California, more than two feet has already fallen in southern Oregon (and there’s been two avalanches that closed a highway), Idaho has had record snowfall, and transportation across the region is chaotic … Signs of a concussion in a baby The Coast Guard is fighting a fire on an oil rig off the coast of Louisiana; no injuries reported … Baby fell off bed signs of concussion The Coast Guard is also searching for a helicopter carrying two people that witnesses said crashed into the water near the Port of Los Angeles late last night … Signs of concussion in toddler Given North Korea’s nuclear saber-rattling, South Korea is forming a special military brigade charged with taking down its neighbor’s leadership if an attack is launched (or maybe before) … Symptoms of a concussion in a toddler Israel’s AG announced he’s going to indict an Arab lawmaker who’s accused of smuggling cellphones to Palestinians imprisoned for killing Israelis.

Hey, sport: The Edmonton Oilers (19-13-7, 45 points) come to town to face the Bruins (20-16-4, 44 points) at TD Garden (7 p.m., NESN and 98.5 FM). Signs of concussion in adults No doubt there will be a tribute to legend Milt Schmidt, who died Wednesday at age 98. Signs of concussion in babies The good news is that veteran center/wing David Backes may be in the lineup after a concussion; the bad news is that if the Bruins lose, they could fall out of playoff contention and the big dopes would be on course to miss the postseason for the third year in a row.

Jim Ertner of Greensboro, NC (formerly South Boston): Which team would be the best fit for McDaniels, you ask? The answer seems obvious: right where he is … Signs of concussion in children OC for the Pats! The last time he tried head coaching, he failed.

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee gets a closed-door briefing about the Russian hacking scandal from top-level intelligence officials who also will testify at the Armed Services Committee’s first hearing into the matter at 9:30 a.m. Signs of a concussion in an infant Some GOPers are freaking out over Donald Trump’s decision to back serial leaker Julian Assange (who he once said should get the death penalty) instead of US spies; others are waffling.

Should be an interesting meeting when those same officials brief Trump Friday. Signs of concussion for baby He still hasn’t revealed what he said he knows that other people don’t. Signs of concussion in a child How much he weighs, perhaps? Whether he wears boxers or briefs? Guess we’ll have to just wait and see.

You say you’re an alcoholic? Okay, then I’ll treat you like an alcoholic: That’s essentially what federal Judge Mark Wolf is saying to Richard McDonough, the Massachusetts lobbyist convicted of corruption for funneling kickbacks to former Mass. Signs of a concussion House speaker Sal DiMasi. Symptoms of a concussion in child McDonough got seven years, but was released a year early after he told prison officials he had a history of alcohol abuse and gained entry to a coveted rehab program that let him get out early. Symptoms of a concussion in a baby Wolf smells a rat, since McDonough never mentioned his alleged addiction when Wolf sentenced him in 2011. Signs of a concussion in baby So today, the judge is holding a hearing on McDonough’s probation conditions, and Globe reporter Milton Valencia says he could impose these:

Tall buildings in downtown Boston already cast a lot of shadows on the Common and Public Garden, and a 775-foot tower proposed by Millennium Partners would add another block of shade to each park for a short time every morning. Symptoms of a concussion in adults That violates state law, so the developer — and city officials hungry for the money the project will generate — want an exemption. Signs of a concussion in toddler Want to weigh in? There’s a public hearing at Suffolk Law School at 6:30 p.m.

Chicago prosecutors could file criminal charges today — including hate crime and kidnapping charges — against four black suspects who allegedly beat a mentally challenged man while swearing about white people and Donald Trump. What are signs of a concussion And yes, the cruel fools recorded some of it on Facebook Live. Signs of concussion in a toddler The traumatized victim has been hospitalized.

Finally, the two-week Frozen Fenway series of high school and college hockey games — with figure skating shows and community skating thrown in for good measure — kicks off tonight with a Men’s Division I game between Army and Bentley at 7:30 p.m. Signs of a concussion in a child Get more info here.